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The person who know more than one language he posses another soul

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3 months ago

Language is as Old phenomena as the human being. Language is source of communicating with other and let them know about their feelings and ideas. Communication that is the important element of the society is only possible because of language. There are almost 6500 language in the World. People of the different regions tribes and states have their different languages. It can be national language or the sub languages of the people from different region and continents. If we don't know someone's language we can't understand them can't convey our ideas to them. We will not understandable to that person with whom we can't build good relationship that is necessary for a stabilized society.

Most Spoken language of the World: 

English is the most Spoken language of the world including the native or none-native people. , this language is recognized the official language of the United Nations. It possesses 171476 words vocabulary. People are eagerly want to learn this language. It is appreciated by the national and international institutes or organizations.

Language with vocabulary words;

  • Japanese is the Language that is possessing 500,000 words. It is the world's most rich in words language.

  • Toka Pina is the world's shortest language of the world. It was published in 2001 by Canadian Linguist Sanja Long. It has collection of only 123 vocabulary words

How body Language add to your worth?

Body Language matters a lot to the man's personality. Your interaction becomes more influencing by your body Language. Your body language may help you attract someone's towards your ideas for promotion. When we talk about a relationship ho teacher and student it the only body language that make the concept of the student clears and made him able to understand something.

My Native Language

My Native Language is Urdu. The language of the people of the subcontinent. This language is rich in words. The prominent poet of this language is Iqbal. Literature of this language is very vast and rich in great things.

This language is the national language of my country Pakistan. It is a source of communicating by the people of all provinces of our country as we have provincial language as well mentioned below:

  • Punjabi

  • Sindhi

  • Pashto

  • Bloch

    The official language of the country is English and Urdu. Our state is making great steps for the progress of our language. Proper institute has been build up for the preservation of the literature

Language I Speak, Read Write?

I can speak Urdu as fluent. I also write well in Urdu or the nose important I can speak Urdu with exact accent.

Speak English as good and write English as you know it is not so good. You have been observed by my Writing. But I am good at reading and understanding. I tried to make it better day by day building up my vocab and learning new words and Writing practice to give a flow of thoughts in words.

I can speak Punjabi that is my provincial language. Although I am not perfect at understanding the pure Punjabi words, but I love this language or want to be perfect in it.

Language that I want to Learn

I want to learn Chinese Language because our country have great relationship with People's Republic of China. We have so many industrial projects under the Flagship of China Pakistan Economic Road the One Belt one Road Initiative by the Chinese State.

It will be helpful for building up a better future and help my country to get more investment from China that will stabilize the Economy of my country.

I hope you will like my article I wrote prompt.

The rules are following

✓ Language that I want to Learn

✓ Write 100% original content.

✓ Write at least 600 words so that Rusty will reward you.

✓ Submit it to @PromptlyJonica community (please join if you have not already).

✓ Tag @JonicaBradley and @TengoLoTodo

Hurry Up! Have a good day

Plagiarism Report

This article is 5% plagiarized due to the use of statistical data. This my first article to this community I hope it will be welcomed

Thank you soo much for your precious time to write my humble article.

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Written by   18
3 months ago
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I would love to learn other language too like chinese and korean.

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3 months ago

We have an english language and native language subjects here so we get to learn both.. I would also like to learn and speak other languages

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3 months ago

Given the chance, I would like to learn your language and Chinese too :)

Regarding the plagiarized part, better state your source :)

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3 months ago

Thank you for your kind words

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3 months ago

This is very an informative article about languages. I am more using English because of my work but what I would really wanna learn and understand are Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages 🙂

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3 months ago

Hi, this is Mariel, one of Jonica's moderators. I rejected your post per Jonica's rules. This is because it needs a lot of editing. Would you kindly edit it and make it flow grammatically correct? Thanks in advance.

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3 months ago

Mariel I appologized for the mistake I have updated it know thank you so much and I really appreciate you for letting me know I will be careful in future

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Glad to know that. Thank you.

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3 months ago