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Some Tips Of Parenting

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3 months ago

Being a parent is the blessing of Allah Almighty. Everyone love to be good parent and have the feelings of love sympathy care for their children. Here we are going to be discuss some tips that can help you to be good parents and make your children happy and satisfied.

Love them and Show them trough your actions:

You Should love your children and show them with you actions because child are not mature to realize feelings. You should hug them, kiss them buy toys for them and do things to make them happy and smile.

Be Perfect Role Model before them:

We all wish that our child become hero in the society do great works and have bright future with holding good moral values. The best way is to become there role model and becoming sharp, strong, confident, honest and good citizen before them.

Be a Safe Heaven:

Try to avoid each and every action that may cause injury to your child and let him feel secure and safe with you.

Talk to Your Child:

You should talk to your child and try to create an interaction by his movement and try to understand his mind that will build a strong relation among you

Practice kind and positive Parenting:

You should be kind to the child and don't be agressive on your child it can hurt him and have negative effects on his mental or physical health.

Reflect your own childhood:

You should be a child with you child. You should do little activity of love that make your baby happy.

Thank you so much for reading my post

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Written by   18
3 months ago
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