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How Sacrifice Fulfill Your Dreams.

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3 months ago

Allen does not like the constantly staring eyes from the front of the study table in the Liberary, but she don't want to give any aggressive impression during her training session of administrative services of the state. Her Phone blinked with incoming call notification she took her books and come outside and attend the call. It was her Mother call.

Mother ; "Hello Allen How are you doing my sweatheart."

Allen ; "Yes Mom, I am all right.

Mother ; "Happy Birthday My Princess Me and your dad is awaiting for you for your birthday celebration"

Allen ; "Love you mom I will Come to see you soon."

Allen felt that man behind her back and got afraid. She was afraid of him because of his large moustache and beautiful and toxicating eyes. She does not want that she becomes weak before a handsome man. He was a young, handsome and well qualified Assistant Commissioner who was her training session mate. He actually likes that innocent girl. He holds deep feelings but she never bother to let him talk to her.

Ashley is roommate of Allen and mutual friend of Allen and SR She is well aware of SR feelings for her but He never let Ashley to tell Allen. Allen was walking in the garden when someone put hands on her eyes. She felt her perfume and warmth of a man's body. She got afraid and near to loose her senses when hear whispered in her ear "Let's be Friends Happy Birthday Allen" Her eyes was able to see SR and Rani in front of him. She was looking him from so nearly. She was lost in his voice and smile and thinking how someone can be so beautiful. She thanks him for cake and wishes.

She remains thinking whole night that how beautiful is that person whom he avoid for long time.

From that day they met in the classroom cafe and have chit chat. They become good friends but did not opened their heart feelings to each other.

At the end of the class as Allen Come out from the classroom She look Robert in front of him. A wave of Happiness can be felt in her by her srounders. She hugged him and begins to talk to him or went off.

SR did not like the person whom he don't know was so closed to her Love (Allen).

He was feeling hurt or thinking Robert as his Boyfriend. Such thoughts have overcome his mind and added to his pain and aggression. His eyes turned red. He packed his bag and immediately left the hostel room. After rash driving he covered two hours distance in short while. He has determined to get his love at any cost.

Allen was looking that SR is absent from class from few days. She wants to see him because she has deep feelings for him although she did not open her heart before him.

Allen's phone bell ringed. It was her mother call.

Mother ; "Allen Your dad is coming to take you home."

Allen : "But Mom why so sudden"

Mother : 'My doll we have fixed your marriage at the end of this week."

Allen : "What? How You can do this mom? my training is not completed yet. You should ask me once before taking this decision."

Mother : "This is our final decision You have to follow."

Allen disconnect the call.

There was a wave of pain throughout her body. She was going to lost her Love whom did not seen from few days. She dialled her phone but it was not reachable. She begins to weep and shout but of no vain because she does not know anything about SR.

She have to sacrifice her Love as she decided to do. She get up and begins to packed her laguage. She decided to sacrifice her love for the parents honours.

All the ritiuals of pre wedding ceremony were performed and final wedding day arrived. But on that day instead of her determined decision she was in deep pain. Her heart was crying. She did not like the light music and celebration around her. Barat arrived in splendid way. Her Nikkah with Sachin Roy have been completed.

She brought by her friends where the groom was sitting. She was going to have a first look of her life partner. As she reached the steps of the stage she was given a hand she hold that hand without looking at Sachin Roy. She sit beside him and was lost in any other world. She suddenly listen a whispered "Now you are only" she recognize the sound. A wave of Happiness run in her when she know that SR is Sachin Roy whom she is married whom she love both are the one man.

Moreover SR come to know that Robert is Allen's brother. Now both of them were happy because they found their love and started new life happily.

Let's Pray together that everyone's sacrifices may fulfill their dream.

Disclaimer: This is just an imaginative Story and does not related to someone's personal life

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Written by   18
3 months ago
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Awwwwwwww Really nice story, I enjoyed reading it a lot, you are a good writer Keep up I'm excited to see what you have next.

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3 months ago

Yaaay. Nice story! I felt like it is me in the story. Hehe. Hope to read more stories with you 🙂

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3 months ago