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Happiness depends upon ourselves.

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4 months ago

Everyone wants to be happy in their life and enjoy it's every day as much as one can. Actually in today's time life is full of difficulties and problems. Some are worried about their business, jobs, education, wealth and family or relationships. It's all added to the Depression and stress of the person. One hardly get rid of this type of stress and depression and make one's day happy. Happiness is the great blessing that makes our life beautiful. It makes us satisfied in our life.

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy. It's all that matters."

Things that make you Happy :

We should do what make us feel happy and relax. Here are I am going to share with you somethings that may helps you to make your day happier:

Give Yourself a fresh start :

Morning thoughts matters alot for the whole day. So you should stay positive at the start of the day. You should be optimistic for your today or future. You should think positive about your future goals. You should stop to regrets about your past mistakes or failure and move on towards your future. A fresh start may brings good things from dawn to dusk.

Practice Self Love :

Sometime depression leads us to avoid our care, that had side effects on our mental or physical health. Self Love or self care is a practice that make us feel happy and satisfied. By self Love an self care we means to take breakfast, lunch or dinner on time. Take exercise, bath daily or focus on our personality. It makes our personality splendid and make us happy.

Exercise and Build a healthy life style :

There is survival of fittest in the world. Everyone wants to maintain one's body posture. Exercise is the best practice for this purpose it improves our life style and body function. It boast our mood and make us feel happy and assure our healthy life.

Smile or laughing :

Smile is a great blessing that human possess. Smile improves the looks of the person. By giving smile to other we may make the hundreds people day happy. We should also do laughing practice every day. It is useful for the cardiac muscles. We should also joins our friends, colleagues to laugh on jokes. This practice make us feel happy.

Stop Comparing Yourself to the others :

We all are created by God. He created all of us in perfect way. Some are best writer, some are speaker, singer, composer, businessman, black, white, tall, short, fat, smart. Everyone is perfect in his own way. We should not compare ourselves to the other and feel jealous from other. We should looks at our strength not weakness. It will bring satisfaction in us and boast happiness.

Practice Gratitude :

We all have thousand of blessings and great things. We should be thankful to God and practice Gratitude daily by offering prayers and praising God. Moreover, if someone do good for us we should must show gratitude to him. If we can't do much must say "thank you". It will motivate other to do more and you may feel better and relaxed.

Build Strong Network with Family and Friends :

Family and Friends have been the most important of one's life. They are the companion of the sorrow and joy. They always support us, take care of us and love us. By spending time with them we may feel relaxed and happy. We may get sympathy and love from them, that causes inner happiness and peace.

Plan Your Future :

You must have set your future goals and make plan to achieve them. You must have a properly plan towards the track of your destination. Planning future makes you accountable for your struggles towards your goals and assure your success.

Eat Well :

Sometimes we ignore our meals because we are not hungry or we are busy. There can be different reason of skipping meal. It has bad effect on our physical and mental health. It adds to the feeling of depression or stress. We should be careful about our diet and eat well. We should take meal on time. It will give you energy to perform the daily activities and assure healthy or happy life.

Rest Well :

We should take proper rest and sleep 7-8 hours daily. It refreshes our mind and physical abilities. It revives our energy our body for the next day duties.

Help Others :

We should always take part in welfare activities such as helping someone. We can do it in doing something good to someone. We can donate something to someone. We can also provide some food, cloths and other necessities who don't have. Its are the act of kindness. We get inner happiness and satisfaction by helping others.

Interaction with the Nature :

We should try to interact with the nature whenever we have time in the day. We should go for a walk in the garden or park. We can also have a walk beside the seaside. It can cause positive feelings in us.

Practice Forgiveness :

We must practice Forgiveness. We should always forgive others that have done wrongs to us or have hurt us. We should take experience form past or present mistakes. We should try to get strength from this. It will make us relaxed and strong for the future.

Summing Up :

Happiness is the great blessings. It is necessary for healthy and satisfied life. We should try to make our life and beautiful . Life is the most eternal thing of the world. We should enjoy its every moment as much as we can.

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Written by   18
4 months ago
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Never find your happiness from someone else. It will always depend upon ourselves if we wanted to be happy or not. Happiness always comes from within us.

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4 months ago

Only compete with yourself :)

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4 months ago

Oh i really need to read more positive and encouraging words as this. Living life isn't easy if you don't have the things you need; esp. money.

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4 months ago