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Global Warming an Alarming Threat

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3 months ago

Global Warming or Climate Change can be observed as rise in Earth temperature, floods, acids rains, Earthquake, melting of glaciars, unfertile land and mountain sliding around the different countries of the world. A Study shows that more than 50 Millions lives we have lost due to climate change. The developing nations or countries mostly suffered from this problem. Emission of Carbon Dioxide Gases and other poisonous are making this issue more grave. It causes many injurious disease to human body.

Causes of Global Warming

Following are the major causes of the global warming:

Burning Fossil Fuels to Meet Energy Requirements :

Energy possess great importance in our daily routine of life. The wheel of business, trade, industry needs energy to move forward. But sudden most of the developed and developing countries of the world are facing energy shortage. Power outages 10-12 hours a day. So to meet energy requirements they rely on burning Fossil Fuels such as coal or natural gas that is contributing to the climate change issue.

Deforestation :

Population is increasing day by day even it has been reached to a large figure of 7.674 billion (2019). So the world is getting populous day by day. Constructions are taking place in throughout the world. Forest that consume carbon dioxide are turning into Housing Societies. It has worsen it climate issue.

Industrial Revolution :

The world is making rapid development. Industries are being set up throughout the world and businesses is being expanded. No attention is give towards the environment health. Woods of the trees is being used in the building construction and furniture. Factories are being set up near the residential areas. That emits chemical, smoke and acid that are injurious to health. There is no proper consumption system for it that are damaging to the envoirnment

Traffic :

Due to the increasing traffic with poor engines are emitting great amount of Carbon Dioxide that is the main reason of the global warming

Human Contribution :

Human are also contributing to the global warming by not cleaning their envoirnment. They are using such tools that contribute to such rays or gases contributing to the climate change such as use of plastic articles in the daily routine of life.

Nuclear Arms

The world is going towards the nuclear war. The countries are attacking on each other with this arms that emits destroyable rays its destruction last for long. It has become the big reason of global warming.

Effects of Global Warming or Climate Change :

Global Warming have following effects:

Extreme Weather Conditions :

We are having extreme weather in the whole world. If there is the cold weather it is below the temperature we have never observe before if there is Hot weather the temperature rise from the excessive number. This situation has added to the challenges of the world

Insecurity of Food and Water :

Global Warming effected the lands badly they become unfertile also the world is facing acute water shortage. One can live without love but not without water. The insecurity of food and water have become alarming threat for the whole world.

Melting Glaciars :

The rise in temperature cause the melting of glaciars. This added into trouble of native people or species around the glaciers.

Extinction of Species :

Global Warming have made the existence of life on earth very difficult we have lost many important species due to the climate change.

Disease :

Global Warming is behind the respiratory disease and it also causes many skin problems and disease.

Way Forward to the Global Warming :

Following steps may helps us to overcome Global Warming ;


We should start moves to plantation. We should plant as many tree as we can because tree consume carbon dioxide and clean the environment and also provide oxygen the basic need of human lives.

Alternative Source of Energy

We should reduce the use of burning Fossil Fuels and rely on alternative Source of energy to meet requirements. Hydel energy, thermal energy, solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy are the best option in this regards.


We should be the part of the Disarmament World Movement so that we may avoid the use of nuclear arm and save the human from its side effects.

Zero Carbon Technology

We should have introduce Zero Carbon Technology so that we make this environment free from carbon dioxide.

Plastic Ban

We should hang the use of plastic article and plastic made accessories from our daily routine of life.

"We face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue, it's a moral spiritual challenge of all humanity" (Al Gore Nobel Prize Winner 2007)

I hope that reader may get awareness from this article about the serious threat the world faced we should play our role to save humanity in this regard. We should keep our environment healthy and clean.

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Written by   18
3 months ago
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It is certainly a vital issue for the planet. But there are many economic interests involved. Let´s hope, it won't be too late when those with decision-making power take important measures on this. For now, what we can do on our side is be aware and take some measures in our surrounds

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3 months ago

Super agree ako jan sa plastic ban. I feel guilty sometimes pag yung tinitake out kong food eh nakastyro o nakabalot sa plastic bag. Minsan I do bring my own container dun ko pinalalagay.

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3 months ago

napaka-nakakapinsalang kailangan nating gumawa ng hakbang upang ma-ban ang plastik upang mai-save ang sangkatauhan

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3 months ago

Yes. Exactly why we must help stop the reclamations. We should also sign petitions for that too. It doesn't end there. We have to spread awareness abt the importance of mangroves and planting native trees.

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3 months ago

Thank you so much for your contribution

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3 months ago