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Few days back

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5 months ago

Everyday begins with new hope , new opportunities and many more. Life is full of sudden happening this can be good or bad. Some break us and some make us our lives. But there is dire need to stay positive and hopeful in the life. Here I am going to share my experience that had added to my strength.

I am brave girl because I am lawyer. I have my own style to everything. I love to work hard. I always stay positive and determine. I have gone through a lots of strive in my life but I never lose hope or quit my goals.

I have lots of friends and great circle of relatives but I feel that they did not have any deep bond with me . I was close just to some people. My mother, best Friend and My uncle. I lost my father in my early childhood. Unfortunately I can't spend much time with him and I hardly remember my childhood.

My life was going on well although I have to face many challenges in life but I am all right. It's not a big issue I am very strong.

But at the end of the last month I was sleeping but restlessly it was 3 O'clock of night when we received a call of my cousin

"Marry, Dad has died." I can't speak anything. It was a big shock for me to know that I have lost my uncle. I was very close to my uncle. He was very kind to me. He was a good friend of mine and have a hand of kindness on me.

I could not believe that My uncle is not with me. I have lost me for forever. I can't see him again in my life. For many days I could not speak to anyone. I left all activity of mine. I stayed 7 days at my uncle's family. After coming back to home I could not stop tears from my eyes. I got depressed and could not care for myself.

All sudden I feel fever headache or cough I take cough syrup or pain killer but my health did not sound good. I got more tense that It was symptoms of COVID. I go for test and It was positive. I was in quarantine for one week. It added to my depression. I was unable to go to my office. Even health went so bad I was unable to stand on my foot.

But by the grace of Allah Almighty I begins to feel fit. I went to my office after many days. There was lots of work was pending. I spent my time with my friend and begins to feel good and normal. I went to those side with my friends that I never visited before. I travelled to the Orange train for the first time that was establish under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor Flagship. We have Brunch (Breakfast+Lunch) together. We discuss all the problems and happening.

We just love to discuss the current affairs of the world. We had conversation about the Nelson Mandel (My favorite Personality) and his biography in details. We discuss the legal and political policies. We visited to market to buy some articles. That's how I try to over come my depression and come back to my normal situation.

This make me feel light and bit happy. My mother who was very worried about got relaxed. My friend always make me feel happy and good. She has been proved as blessing of Allah Almighty to me.

I got back my energy, my enthusiasm and comfort. Mind got calm that has become a big task for me. I am just thankfully to Allah Almighty and all those people who care for me pray for me and was with me.

May all you feel happy and blessed always.

Although I am deeply feelings the but this life is eternal we all have to leave this world one day. We all have to taste death. But Now I just pray that the soul of my uncle reside in peace (ameen)

I also pray that Allah protect us from COVID. Moreover I will request to all of you go to get vaccination. Stay home stay safe and happy.

We should face this time courageously.

We should be hopeful that everything be all right.

Thank You so much for reading my post. Sorry If you feel more bore :)

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Written by   18
5 months ago
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Oh you're a lawyer? Interesting. Which law do you practice?

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4 months ago

I'm so sorry for your loss. I feel the same as you have it's just yesterday when I witnessed my cousin's burial. She's dead for a week. Yeahhh, everything's happen for a reason

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5 months ago

Every thing is fate-determined, we can't change it. We should show patience on every trail from Allah. Between good article,keep up this passion and work.

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5 months ago

I am sorry about your uncle but do you know we don't have a choice? Death would come but what matter most is the happy memories we had together. Stay safe friend and always remember God understands everything.

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5 months ago