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Drug Addiction

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3 months ago

Drug Addiction is the social abuse that is prevailing in the world. It has worsen the social system. Our young generations are ruining their lives by taking drugs. Drug addicted person does not care about his social or moral values. Drug addicted person causes many social problems in the society such as depression, crimes etc.

Definition of "Drugs"

"Drugs can be define as that substance that get over the someone's nerves"

Form of Drugs :

Following are the popular forms of drugs. These are are narcotics substance:

  • Hashish

  • Opium

  • Marijuana

  • Heroine

  • Cocaine

  • Marophine

  • Ice

Cause of Drug Addiction :

Major causes of the Drug Addiction are as under

Bad Company :

A man is recognizes by his company . If we don't take serious decision before being part of any association are make friends without knowing them well we have to suffer. It has been seen that the bad company is the important cause that person get addicted to the drugs with his co-mates.

Lack of Parental Attention :

If child lack of Parental Attention it has bad impacts on his personality. Child indulge in unhealthy activities and most of the time begins to take drugs. In most of the cases it happens when parents are not together and child could not get their love and care.

Overcome Depression :

Now a days every person is suffering from some kind of depression. Some are worries about their families some for wealth or business. Most of the person begins to use drug to overcome this mental state and feel normal.

Unemployment :

Unemployment is the world most important issue that raised tension, moral or social evils in the society. When person strive hard to get employment but all his efforts of no vain, they turn to addicts and begins to do crimes to meet their need and buy drugs.

Break Up Relations :

The young generations fell in love with the opposite gender fastly without knowing each other well. Such relationship does not last long and results in break ups. So it's become difficult to move on. Some time the broken lovers turns to drug addicts.

Easy Availability of the Drugs :

Now a days drugs are easily available. Although it's a crime but still people are doing drugs business against the law. So we can say that easy access to the drugs is also cause to it's prevailed.

Fashion :

Young generations is using drugs as fashion. They are doing parties and using this poison as fun and fashion.

Use as Medicine :

Sometime doctors suggests drug pills to get relive from pain. But this make the patient habitual and they don't feel normal without drugs.

Effects of Drug Addiction :

Drug Addiction have following effects:

Crime Ration :

We observe a clear rise in the crime ratio. Addicts do big crime just to get money to buy drugs. Theft, Robbery, Assault becomes common issue of the society.

Bad Health :

Drugs are injurious to health. It causes many physical or mental disease such as cancer, kidney problem, respiratory and digestive system problems.

Low Social Status :

Addict does not hold any moral or social values. He does not respect or care about anyone or anything. That's how he is not considered a respect member of society. He lost his social status.

Broken Family :

Addicts are not the good father, son, husband or brother. Addicts family have to suffer alot.

Suggestion to overcome this Abuse :

Following steps may helps us to overcome this Abuse :

Strong Law and Governance :

Government should implement strict law against drugs use and stop it's availability. There should be strict punishments against drug users and providers. Such matters should not be delayed by courts.

Awareness :

We should start a awareness movement about the drug use it's causes , effects and ways to over come . It can be a use full step.

Education against Drug Addiction:

Education should be give in all level of education about the consequences of the drug addiction. So we can make this generation free from drugs.

Role of Media :

Media should play it's role to overcome drug abuse. People should be urge to give up drugs.


Drug Addiction is destroying our society and our generation. We need work with iron to overcome this serious issue. Say no to drugs and live happy life.

Let's nip this evil in the bud and save the world.

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Written by   18
3 months ago
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Drug Awareness should be imparted through education system and also the disadvantages of it, from home also. To a certain extent this can be controlled though cannot be eradicated completely.

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3 months ago

This is an ongoing battle that we face here in our country. Many have already been killed due to drug-related cases.

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3 months ago

People do not know that abusing drug can harm their health especially taking hard drugs that could kill someone. Those addicted to drug should be educated and helped so as to save them from untimely death.

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3 months ago