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Depression A Serious Threat To Humans

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5 months ago

World is making rapid progress scientific inventions have made the daily routine of life so easy and comfortable. After achieving great progress in the world human have pointed their foot on moon and other planets. Traveling to galaxy is possible in just few seconds. Every Person is busy in getting all these happinesses. This has lessen the persons social connectivity. He has short time to spend with his friends and the family. He is just busy in getting money more and more. He is starving for his better future from day to night. All these circumstances have pushed man towards the constant isolation or mental stress or depression.

Definition of "Depression"

"Depression can be definition as that mental state where a person constantly feel uncomfortable or sad."

Symptoms Of Depression:

Following are the symptoms that confirms the state of depression:

  • Irregular Sleep:

Irregular Sleep is mostly observed during state of depression. Our body demand 7-8 hours sleep as assurance of health. But in depression a person could not balance with it. Either he sleeps a long or either he can't sleeps well. It distort his mind and cause many disease such as sleep disorder cause stomach problems.

  • Irregular Appetite:

Excess in eating is bad or eating less is also caused male nutrition to the body. It effects the growth of the body. Appetite disorder is the prominent sign of depression.

  • Isolation:

Person observes sudden change in his daily routine behaviour. He becomes aggressive and begins to offend or shout on each and every little thing. This leads him towards distance from family and friends. This pushed him towards isolation that is the part of depression.

  • Lose Interest in Work:

A depressed person could not perform his services well. He unusually can't fullfil the expectation of his boss. The main reason is depression that not letting him to do anything with all his capabilty or skills.

  • Low Energy Level:

When a person did not take proper diet, sleep, exercise his energy level fell down. This pushed him towards senselessness or many other complexities.

  • Attempt to Hurt or Sucide:

When a person want to hurt himself or tries to commit sucides he is in deep depression. Such type of incidents have been seen alot in our society and in great numbers.

Way forward to the Depression:

We need to overcome this serious threat to assure our happy life in society. There are some suggestion that I feel may sort out this issue to many extent.

  • Taking Exercise:

Body exercise is a healthy and positive activity. Take some lite exercise so that the harmonal change occurs in your body and make you feel better, active and energetic.

  • Listening Music:

Music may relish the soul of a person. It soothe the human soul and result in delightfulness. A depressed person should listen music paly or play musical instruments. It will surely have magical effect on the mental state.

  • Spare time for family and Friends:

Family and friends are always have been a best partners to our joy and sorrow. Sharing our problems and getting their consideration about our issues and their sympathy may make us feel more good.

  • Balance Sleep:

Must take 7-8 hours sleep daily. It can make you feel healthy and and have beauty effects on your body.

  • Exploring the Nature:

There are lots of natural beauties around us. Man should spend time with nature. He should go to garden and enjoy greenery or look at the starry sky in the night. It can make him feel fresh and happy.

  • Talking walk:

You should take walk daily for a short while. It can burn unnecessary calories of the body and help you to feel happy and fresh.

  • Talking walk:

You should take walk daily for a short while. It can burn unnecessary calories of the body and help you to feel happy and fresh.

  • Nutritious Diet :

Take diet rich in protein. It assure the healthy and happy life.

Thank you So Much for reading my post. Suggestion will be welcome and appreciated.

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Written by   18
5 months ago
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Thank you for this article. Mental health is very indeed a serious problem. Hope everyone experiencing it will do this.

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5 months ago

For me, as long as there is someone who knows how to listen, depression will be lessen. But yes ofcourse, we should keep our body healthy just like to do those things you have mentioned.

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5 months ago