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Why Can't Human Babies Walk Just After Birth? 

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2 months ago

Humans are very different from other animals All human beings are similar to other animals,

but the whole world is ruled by human beings Humans are intelligent and our age would be better than many other animals We walk on two legs and we have internet In many ways we are far behind other animals The offspring of other animals begin to walk as soon as they are born, but it takes up to a year for a human baby to walk. The question bothered me a lot That man is so wonderful but why is he so weak when he is born? We can make tools We have stepped on the moon We've built the WI-Fi, we've built the plane, we've built the bus, we've built the train's Such human beings should not have been born instead of walking, but why is it so weak?

Science has the answer There are two main reasons why human beings cannot walk at birth The size of the brain and the way we walk on both feet Let me explain When man goes from the trees to the earth It was better to walk on two legs than to walk on four legs Walking on two legs used less energy and we could go farther It was necessary to stand on two legs Changing in hips Changing in hips the big lose human birth are small due to changing hips Time to baby birth . Birth canal Passes through That is why the bones of the child's brain would be soft That is why the bones of the child's brain would be soft And they can grow well , Little birth place means child not deliver And for a person to be fast, it is necessary to have a big brain If you are born with a big brain, you cannot be born That is why the bones of our brain would be soft Develop well That is why it would take a person up to a year to walk Even after birth, a person undergoes many changes for a year that are necessary for him to become a human being That is why it takes a human child up to a year to walk Man needs two things to grow A big brain and a small body It is important for the human body to be small so that it can consume less energy and move more The brain needs to be big so that it can be smart Brain to body ratio One of the many reasons Brain to body means comparing the brain and body of any animal The smaller the brain, the weaker the animal The bigger the brain , the stronger the animal These animals have larger brains than their body fibers, so they are more intelligent Ostriches Rabbit The brain is smaller than their body fibers so it is not intelligent One of the reasons why people do not walk quickly is to walk on two leg And the human brain is not fully developed That is why he cannot walk at birth.

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Written by   48
2 months ago
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