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Our Little Meow Meow, Leo

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2 months ago
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I wasn't really fond of cats and I was so confused with people who loves to pet their cats because I grew up not wanting such, in fact, I prefer doggos over cattos.

But recently, I started developing affection for cats. It probably started on when I joined one server on discord and most of the members were cat lovers. That's when I started to understand why they love cats.

Ironically, what I disliked about cats is what most people liked on them, its them being clingy and sweet.

It was so sudden that I started loving to pat his head , caress his small face and talk to Leo, our cat, and then he would respond with his little meow meows as if I could understand him. We became buddies and I could really tell that in our household, I am the one who's closest to him now.

my cat is probably mad at me cuz I am disturbing his sleep

I am usually the one who feeds him. I would sneak some food for Leo from our own ulam since they don't want to give full fish meal to him. Lol. And he often sleeps on my room or would sit outside my window looking elsewhere. He would always make noises which I truly miss right now.

He's vibing outside my window so I called him 'ming ming ming' and then he looked around. UwU

Last night, I was about to feed our cat, Leo; I called him multiple times but he never responded. I thought Leo was just around the corner sleeping or was just out again on our neighbour's house hunting for food so I proceed on feeding our dogs instead. He's usually like that, going out for days and then coming back 2 days later or a few. But there was this uneasy feeling different from before cuz my cat didn't come home the other day too so I told my mom that Leo is nowhere to be found.

And then while we were talking about our cat, my lola suddenly dropped by our house and heard what we're talking about. She told us a very very sad news for us. There was a cat, described as having black and white color, found dead within our compound. He might be hunting foods and fell in a tank of water (the tank is high but the water level is not that low nor too high). It was a horrible news thinking that he suffered and struggled before giving up. :(

It was really heart breaking for us, especially me and it saddens me upon knowing it.

Leo was the longest cat we ever had and now we lost him. I miss him. :( </3

It was raining heavily outside and this catto was feelin cozy on my bag. >//<

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Written by   2
2 months ago
Topics: Cats, Pets, Life, Blog, Story, ...
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