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Prefabricated or brick house

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8 months ago

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of prefabricated construction is the absence of bound moisture immediately after the completion of the facility. So, immediately after moving in, you have a relatively "normal" humidity level in the building ... this is best experienced by those who move into a brick house immediately after the construction is completed, and especially the first heating season !!!

While, for example, prefabricated construction has nothing to look for when it comes to larger residential buildings, such as residential buildings and the like ... all the advantages of classic construction are already coming to the fore.

This could be roughly simplified as follows:

- If you need a smaller family house, ready to move in quickly, nicely packed, and especially nicely "tucked in", then it is prefabricated construction.

- If you need a slightly "grandiose" building, then exclusively classic construction.

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Uvek sam maštala o montažnoj kućici u tatinom selu na jednom lepom proplanku.

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8 months ago

vrlo zanimljiv tekst, sa jednim jako biutnim osvrtom na vlagu u kuci koja se prirodno mora osustiti pre nego se pocne ziveti u njoj, nisu nasi stari dzaba zidali kuce po tri godine pre nego li je zavrsili nevezano da li su imali para da je odjednom zavrse

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8 months ago