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Do These 5 Things If Life Feels Boring

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6 months ago

Starting from opening your eyes in the morning, continuing with activities whether it's school or work until the afternoon or evening, and finally sleeping again. That is the cycle of our life that must be lived every day.

1/3 of our life is spent sleeping, 1/3 is spent on work, and the remaining 1/3 for other activities. As we get older, have you ever felt bored with your life? Have you ever thought that your life feels monotonous as if you are a robot who keeps doing activities like that all day and all night?

You are not alone. Boredom must be experienced by everyone including myself. There are times when we find it difficult to get through the day. It feels uninspired. It feels like escaping from the routine and breaking free from it all.

If you feel that way, I'll give you some tips for dealing with it.

  1. Plan a vacation soon.

    When you feel bored, you need a new atmosphere. You may have to get out of your place. This is when you plan your vacation. Vacations are fun and sometimes addictive. When you've booked a vacation, you'll be even more excited to count down the time. You will be more passionate about life while waiting for the time to come. I once met Australians who often vacation in Bali. Every time he came home from Bali, he always felt sad and missed. All he did was plan his next vacation. No wonder in a year he can go to Bali two or three times. The countdown to the next vacation makes the days more fun and exciting.

  2. Look for new challenges.

    There is someone who likes to wander from one city to another because he likes to look for new challenges. These challenges bring him to a new atmosphere, new friends, new activities, and a new life. New challenges make life fresher. One of the main factors that cause boredom to arise is because you keep doing the same thing over and over again. For that, you have to make some changes. No need to move out of town or abroad. Just create a new goal. Challenge yourself to achieve something bigger. The point is to have a purpose. Goals are the same as challenges because it takes effort to achieve them. Another way is to determine what aspects of your life are causing you boredom, and make some changes right away.

  3. Don't stay alone.

    Many people make this mistake when they are bored or late. They lock themselves in a room alone or sleep. Trust me, you will get bored more and more. Avoid this unless you want to be a monk living a solitary life while meditating. Come out. Do any activity, don't just standstill. Keep yourself busy. Find activities to do.

  4. Gather with friends or family.

    This is also an effective way to get rid of boredom. Invite friends to gather and chat. Or at least chat with other people. That way, you will avoid feeling lonely which will eventually make you die of boredom.

  5. Take up a hobby.

    There is nothing more enjoyable in life than doing what we love. If necessary every day we can do our hobbies. It feels so good to live. Everyone has a hobby, and you are no exception. If you have time, take the time to do it. Having a hobby is the opposite of boredom. You will never feel bored when you are doing a hobby. Only one thing you feel is happy and having fun.

Hopefully, this article is useful and good luck.

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Written by   11
6 months ago
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