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Social Intelligence for Crypto

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Social media directly impacts cryptocurrencies. Because you can’t listen to a million different opinions a minute, LunarCrush does it for you. LunarCrush collects activity across social media for bitcoin, thousands of altcoins, crypto exchanges, influencers and more, in real-time every single day and distills it all into bitesize, digestible data.

When it comes to crypto, everyone's got an opinion. But when you zoom out and look at every single one of those opinions, facts and patterns are revealed. That’s what we do. We are seekers of truth. A truth to understand and analyze the way people talk, the things they talk about, and the people they talk with. And in doing so, we interpret the patterns and trends affecting the cryptocurrency market.

Whie you can read and follow about crypto markets, portfolio , you can earn LUnr token which can swap with Ziliqa and USD.

You must visit site daily and share links to earn points and convert it Lunr token.

The more you share and other people click your links you can earn more points . The more points means the more Lunr token .

You can swap Lunr token with ZIL easily and then if you want you can convert to USD.

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