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2022 cleanup

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5 months ago

It's 2022 and in keeping up tradition I will be completely deleting all old posts in order to start fresh for the year.

It's not like I don't like what I've written, it's just that I want to keep my sites as a reflection of who I am THIS year. Last year was the old me and that me is done with. This year is a new me and I want to see where I go.

My goals for blogging this year include:

  • Writing more often

  • Making better use of tags

  • Having more fun blogging

  • Being more informative

As was the case for last year I will be posting on a variety of platforms in order to increase my profile. So I will ensure that I will have a link to all my platforms that I post to.

As is always the case though, my Ecency blog will contain an archive of all my old stuff. As a decentralised platform Hive doesn't actually allow a removal of old posts. This is both a good thing and a bad thing in my view but for the time being it's a good way to see how I've progressed... or regressed. 🤣

I hope I can use this year to amuse, confuse, and inform.

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What if someone wants to tip you a big amount for a post from last year? :)

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5 months ago

If it hasn't happened until I mentioned it I guess it wasn't going to happen. 🤣

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5 months ago

lol true I guess

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5 months ago