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What can each of us learn to have a more sustainable future?

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8 months ago

To achieve development, in any area, education is a fundamental principle. When we talk about sustainable development, then, education seems to be an even more important factor, considering that it is necessary, first of all, to develop a public understanding and a greater awareness of sustainability.

It is worth noting that education is not limited to schools or only to the stages of childhood and youth. Education is a permanent process, which occurs throughout the lives of all of us and is influenced by the most diverse aspects of our daily life, from our own experiences to the examples we have of other people, including our communications.

On the other hand, when I speak of sustainable development, I am not just referring to caring for the environment. As defined by the World Commission on the Environment, sustainable development is one that "meets current needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

For example, it is important that everyone covers politicians with actions to encourage Education for Sustainable Development. And that parents and guardians cover schools with the inclusion of sustainability issues in the daily lives of children and adolescents.

But it is also essential that each person begin to better observe their own habits and rethink their attitudes, with the aim of adopting more conscious practices in their own daily life.

Some examples of more sustainable individual attitudes

Save water and energy;
Use less plastic;
Rethink travel and forms of transportation;
Separate trash;
Valuing local commerce and products;
Rethink prejudice and develop tolerance;
Develop a greater awareness of the other.

Therefore, for something to be considered sustainable, it is not enough that it is ecologically correct, it must also be economically viable, socially just and culturally diverse.

What can each of us do?

It is not only for our children that we are role models. All the time we can inspire the people around us. It is as if we are always teachers and students of each other. And this is perhaps the most lasting type of education in our lives. That is why the role of each person in education focused on sustainable development is so important.

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Written by   18
8 months ago
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