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I told my cousins to buy crypto and they love me for it

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1 year ago

I told my cousins to buy crypto, back in 2020 to buy Basic Attention Token and Ethereum. And both of them love me for it. I think there is nothing wrong with telling your friends and family to buy crypto.

But you should be wise doing it, so that your friends and family does have a general idea of how crypto works and what its benefits are. Making money is only part of it.

And you need to WARN THEM ABOUT LOSSES. You need to remind them more about the losses than gains. When I helped my cousins enter crypto, I made it quite clear to them that I would not be responsible if they lost money.

I am also a fairly good trader and I believed in the projects I shilled. My cousin brought ETH at around 200-250$. He sold all his ETH at 400-500$. But he is more eager to learn about different crypto projects than ever.

I think people entering the market is a very positive thing but they should have an understanding of how it works. Don't say, hey buy this coin and it will pump 100%, but say how a coin works and why people should use it.

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