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The Adaption of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Progresses

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Many global financial stores continue to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and virtual currencies as primary payment methods.

The Bitcoin Cash adoption cycle features five sellers who have started using digital coins recently. It also includes a fresh Café Bar specially designed to cater for fifteen virtual coins.

The Café Bar for Crypto Coins

When it comes to the total number of merchants who have been using crypto-coin for a long time, Japan is in the top spot. The increase in the number came after the country adopted the Payment Services Act in April of 2017. The Japanese Payment Services Installment allows the use of virtual currencies as the official method of payment.

Another Café Bar that draws its inspiration from the emergence of virtual coins is expected to open offices in Japan’s capital, Osaka. According to a press statement made by Cryptocurrency cafes and bars, the grand opening of Café Bar will be held on the 12th of May 2018. Prior to that date, there will also be a pre-opening date.

The Location of the Establishment

The institution is supposed to open offices in an area known as Osaka prefecture, in a building known as Wonder 3 Building 3F. The 23 seater Café Bar offers shoppers a kind of relaxed feeling whenever they are going about their business. With this design, traders will have the opportunity to communicate while facing each other.

According to an official statement from the company, this is a special space where consumers will use virtual coins in real life.

Registered Payment Options In addition to the list of credit cards and fiat currencies, Café Bar also has a variety of other payment methods. The main ones are Bitcoin {BTC}, Bitcoin Cash {BCH}, Ethereum {ETH}, Lisk {LSK}, Monacoin {MONA}, Litecoin {LTC}, as well as Nem {XEM}.

Merchants Approved the use of BCH

Safecast - It is a global, volunteer-centered facility dedicated to opening up citizen science for the surrounding. It is one of the lates organizations to make use of Bitcoin Cash.

Undertech - Known for merchandising hidden-carry clothing such as vests, shirts, jackets, shorts, etc., Undertech also decided to try out Bitcoin Cash services.

It also allows its consumers to purchase their goods and services through Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and now Bitcoin Cash.

Rebecca Z - Through Bitpay, Rebecca Z now accepts the use of both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. The site sells ordinary jewelry for working women, based on the information found here.

Goldsilver - This is another organization that has adopted the use of Bitcoin Cash. Founded by Mike Maloney, Goldsilver is a site that merchandises precious metals. Apart from that, the website also works with gold coins, gold bars, silver bars, gold jewelry, as well as silver coins.

The adoption rate of Bitcoin Cash is faster than most other currencies. It is only a matter of time but it will soon create speculations from different corners of the market. Time will tell.

Signs of Better Times Ahead

Both the support and the Bitcoin Cash infrastructure have significantly increased over the past few days. There are also some announcements coming down this week. The first came from Blockchain Wallet, which made it clear that Bitcoin Cash balances can now be viewed on mobile wallets that support iOS.

The Memo Platform also underwent an upgrade this week and has led to some traction for quite some time. Just yesterday, Blockpress, a new social media application that runs the same as Memo, was introduced to the market.

Reaction for the Global Consumer of BCH

This week, a number of brandings depicting Bitcoin Cash symbols were spotted in various locations around the world. In the Philippines, a good looking BCH Jeepney was spotted with a cool BCH symbol here. A quick look at a social media site known as 4chan revealed how Bitcoin Cash is trending to various mentions. There is now the latest version of Augustus released by the BRD wallet to support in-wallet trades and BCH.

Proponents of Bitcoin Cash are also very happy with what is currently happening in the market, as a great growth can be seen across the market.

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