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Supernatural Stories:(2) Cursed of Barang? (Part 2)

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1 year ago

Please read first the Part 1 of the Cursed of Barang? for better understanding of the story ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

This is my personal experienced a true to life story, Please do not plagiarized. Just enjoy reading.

After hearing what the Faith Healer had said we are all sad and devastated. Especially Aunt Flora. I know that In her mind "if she really die what will happen to baby Lovely? " And she is still too young at the age of 29.

Aunt Linda permits Aunt Flora to have a psychic surgery. They turned off the lights again.

The Faith Healer started strumming his guitar, babbling some words then He Stop! Touching Aunt Flora's Head then he got something on the Head! It's a shell in the sea. He put it in a clean basin with water.

Then he touch Aunt Flora's Heart , On the stomach, near the kidney and some dangerous part of the body on which where the vital internal organs are located.

Guess what was he got? Some small nails! a rusty nails. I was amazed and shock!. Where did the Faith Healer get those rusty nails? But his hands is just on Aunt Flora's body only. It's unbelievable but I saw it with my own eyes.

Then later, this kind of binding amulet. The thread of the amulet will be measured on your waist. If the knot breaks it means your life is going to end soon.

Aunt Linda was the first one to try it first. It didn't break! When it's Aunt Flora's turned I felt nervous. Sadly said it breaks. But Aunt Flora did not showed any weakness at all. She is just angry to the the two ladies that she considered a Friend who betrayed her and wanted her dead.

The Faith Healer told us Frankly that this Magbabarang who puts a cursed in Aunt Flora is a very powerful one. He admitted it but said he will not surrender and will try his very best.

That was a very exhausting night. After we eat dinner. We sleep in a big room. As in Big one! And come to think of it the windows are open and the curtains are swaying. I'm too lazy to moved and very much afraid to close the windows.

I did not had a goodnight sleep as the dogs are very noisy barking. I just Force to close my eyes and close my ears as well. Then I finally able to sleep. In the Middle of the cold night with a noisy barking dogs...

Morning comes I can hear the birds chirping the dogs are still barking. The view is fantastic! Plantation of Sugarcanes and Rice Field

After a moment of whispering sessions. The Faith Healer told us to go home and observe what will happen. He gives some Lana( coconut oil) to Aunt Flora and the amulet too is there.

It's! the Beauty of Bohol that I can't forget for my whole life.

We returned to Cebu and Aunt Flora just continue her work selling fish. It looks like she is okay now.

But one night her hands is very itchy. And it's trembling uncontrollably! Oh what is this again! She just put some Lana into it but it's still trembling. Then after a few hours there's a small fragments of burnt appeared in her hands! small circle to be exact! but burnt!

Some of our Neighbor's said she is prayed to San Antonio to be punished.

San Antonio is well known here in Cebu as the Punisher of the Thief. If you really Steal and someone prayed for you to be punished by San Antonio you will really feel the punishment and it will usually occurred in your hands like a small burnt.

If this is really true that remains a mystery.

Aunt Flora didn't mind it at all, she just continue doing her everyday worked as long as she can.

But one day Aunt Flora is feeling delirious and had a fever. They brought her to the nearest hospital and was advised to drink the Prescribed medicines as her fever was very high.

The fever was subside but sometimes Aunt Flora is babbling something only she can understand. As if she had her own world and didn't mind all the people around her.

So Aunt Linda and my Uncle decided to went back to Bohol and see the Faith Healer.

It was our final Examination Test on my Fourth Year highschool I did not able to go with them. But they managed to find a companion to be there guide. Aunt Pinpin.

When they went back Aunt Flora had became insane!!! She can't recognized anyone of us and keep babbling something I don't understand. I felt worried and sad by looking at the situation.

Why it had come into this?

Aunt Pinpin said while they are in Bohol Aunt Flora keeps on vomiting until she vomited a black worm! we called in here " Til-as" and it's the most itchy kind one.(please excuse me if you are eating)

So They decided to bring Aunt Flora in the Hospital. She was admitted at Cebu.

Too far away from here. But as the only young and Active in the Family. I was in charge in the hospital if I have no classes.

The Wounds on Aunt Flora's Head became worst. To the point of cutting her hair short.

She was able to recognized us again but sometimes she won't at all and will became wild. It's not easy to handle her. My Uncle just needs a lot of patience.

Aunt Flora is in the Ward 9 Room. Where the worst of the Worst was there. Everyday a patient will die then another patient again. It's hard for me to eat witnessing all of these everyday.

But I need to help as I'm the errand girl in buying outside medicines and foods and some other stuff.

Everyday I witnessed Aunt Flora's face was keeps on changing not for the better but for the worst. Until all of her body had became swollen. Big swollen as in! Some of the Nurse told us to cut the arm as they can't find the veins for the dextrose but my Uncle was very! angry of that. How could they cut the skin?!

There is no exact conclusion on her disease. The doctor just said it bacame complicated. And have meningitis but it didn't show any symptoms of menengitis at all.

Until one day she can't eat. It's hard for her to swallow the foods. So the Doctor let her eat on her nose. I don't know what method is this. But as what I saw there's a tube From her nose down to his neck I guess.

It is the only way she can eat. We will pour the liquid like porridge but it's not a porridge at all. It's all rice but became liquid. On this way she managed to eat and survived.

One day It's my Uncle and My Cousin Roy Who was left to take care of Aunt Flora.

They are sitting side by side when Aunt Flora shouted. Water!!! Water!!! Ahhh it's too Hot!

This is what Aunt Flora had said. As if she eat a thousands of spicy Chili showing her tongue and telling My Uncle that it really hurts and Hot.

They ask for the The Doctor what happened but they just only get a blood sample to do some examination of the blood.

Aunt Flora keeps on moving and saying it's very Hot! My Uncle and My cousin Roy is holding her arm side by side.

And because of that they are very hungry. They can't eat as Aunt Flora will not stop moving. Until me and Aunt Linda arrived That's the time they are able to relax and eat outside.

Aunt Linda requested for some kind of pain reliever on Aunt Flora's pain. Aunt Flora was injected a pain reliever. Then finally she was able to sleep and rest for awhile.

Aunt Linda was sleeping at the side while me is busy reading pocketbooks to ease my boredom.

Then Suddenly someone is calling me in a hoarse voice. Very slow voice that until now It's still fresh in my memory. " King water! give me water" Aunt Flora in her slow hoarse voice.

I said okay and reach out the Mineral bottle transferring it into the glass. I was about to give her a glass of water when I looked at her face the Glass almost slept into my hands! Good thing I managed to hold it tight.

Her face was all black! As if, it was burned with fire. And the only white left is her eyes! But down on her arm and feet it's not burned only her face!

What was that? Is it The Cursed of Barang For Real?...

To be continued....

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Written by ย ย 519
1 year ago
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