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Supernatural Stories:(2) Cursed of Barang? (Part 1)

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1 year ago

Are you familiar with the word "Barang"?

The "Mambabarang"is known to be a Filipino version of a sorcerer. The witch is called a "Mamalarang". And the word "Barang" is where it came from.

The word " barangon" it means to place a "curse" on someone.

It was said that the Mambabarang keeps a beetles inside a bottle. And this insects were set free when the Mambabarang started his prayer ritual whispering something only he can understand.

On the said prayer ritual the insects will slowly crawling towards to the victim they are instructed to go to.

They will either enter the body of the victim through open wounds, in the ears, mouth or any other entry they can come in.

Once they are inside the body. The victim will then feel the effects of the invasion depending on the area where the insects went.

Then a sudden illness will occur which is unexplainable by medicines and doctors.

Mostly the victims seek help to the "albularyo" in Tagalog and "Mananambal" here in Cebu and Faith Healer in English.

And that explaination was commonly found almost everywhere about Barang.

Now let me tell my version of "Barang" whereas I've witnessed with my both eyes and heard by my two ears.

Are you ready to listen on my story?

let's sit down...

prepare our popcorns...

don't forget the french fries...

and don't left the drinks behind...

hold your sit...

fasten your seatbelt....

we are going to take off...

in the world of Black magic....

This is based on a true story. My story and personal experienced regarding this topic. Please don't plagiarized just enjoy reading.

Let us go back when I was at the age of sweet 16 haha. But kidding aside this happened when I recently won the Battle between Life and Death about my twin. But this is another Topic and will soon be released so watch out for this.

Back to the topic. It all started when I was 16 years old. This experienced is not mine but I'm the witnessed of it all. This is the Story of My Aunt The Mother of my cousin Lovely. She is the wife of my Uncle.

It all started with a swollen in her feet. I'm sitting at my Aunt Linda's Store when Baby Lovely and Aunt Flora arrived from the church riding a motorcycle (this is our means of transportation in here)

When Aunt Flora went out in the Motorcycle she suddenly stumbled on the small rock making her out of balance I was about to stand up and help her but luckily she managed to balance.

And on that very night her feet is aching and are swollen. As me I ask myself why it is swollen? it's just a small rock.

But I didn't mind it all. When morning came the swollen became bigger!!! what the!

As a student I went to the school as I already very left behind in Our lessons because of my twin thingy. I just look at Aunt Flora who is walking painfully.

When I arrived in the afternoon. Aunt Flora got a fever!!! So my Uncle ask Aunt Linda to bring Aunt Flora to the Doctor. (Aunt Linda is the Sister of My Uncle)As she is having a fever and is saying it's very painful to pee.

They went Home very late at night and the Doctor said she had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or a kidney problem and needs to drink the prescribed medicines.

On the following morning her fever was gone but the swollen in her feet was still there! The fact that she drink antibiotics it should be healed right now.

So one of our neighbor noticed it. And advice her to try and have a consultation in one of the Faith Healer here in our place.

So they went to the Faith Healer's house. And she was believed to be under the cursed of Barang!! The Faith Healer ask her if she had a previous arguments to whom? maybe they are the ones who put a cursed on her.

Aunt Flora was very sure on herself that these two friends of her are the ones who put a cursed in her. As they quarrel really bad. That is hard to fix and it's about some kind of debt I guess and other stuffed.

The Faith Healer advised her to divert the cursed or we call it here "epa sumbalik". But there were some things needed like a black cloth, a picture of the one who put the cursed and other things that I already forgot. And it needs to be put under the path where the culprit will usually passed by.

But the twist is you need to dig the path! in the middle of the night at exactly 12 midnight. And no one dares to do that as the said culprit are renting in the apartment and they are afraid the owner will mistake them for a thief and aside from that you will do it in the middle of the night. It's so creepy!

So it was never done. And Aunt Flora is a little bit okay as she had a medicine oil from the Faith Healer.

There is nothing special in the said oil it was made of coconut oil or we called it here "lana". I vividly remember that every time Aunt Flora will massage the oil in her body she will always call me "King Ali tan awa" which means King look at this! By the way my nickname is King. Small ants will crawl outside her skin the moment she put the lana on it. And me will just looked in awe! what is this? It's very strange really seeing those small ants.

The Strange happening in Aunt Flora's body continue. Her head and hair will have some kind of dandruff white in color but it's not a dandruff I guess as it is very big! looks like a dandruff but it's not. And it's itchy and the moment she will removed it forcefully. It will leave a wound on her head! But she said it's very itchy! She can't control it!

So there's some kind of a friend told my Uncle and Aunt Linda that there was a Famous Faith Healer in Sagbayan Bohol. And they decided to go. Oh with me together with them. It's my first adventure in Bohol And the last one haha.

We arrived in Carmen Public Market and ask for the exact address given to us. Luckily there are many people recognized the name of the Faith Healer as He is famous in this place.

We ride a habal- habal (it's a motorbike) as the road is a single small path and very small. It's a Rocky road! Everytime we bumped into the rock it's very painful. it's a real adventure!. The road have many sugarcane and a rice field. It was a very beautiful scenery. So sad at that time I did not had a phone or even a camera.

We arrived at the Faith Healer's house Early in the morning. They welcome us and was given some foods and coffee for breakfast.

The House looks old and made up of woods. But the design and carvings are very beautiful. It's a huge house with only the two of them the Faith Healer and his wife. Because their children are already married. But will come and visit sometimes.

So the wife explained that her Husband the Faith Healer will started his Healing Job at 8 pm in the evening. But before that there will be some kind of offerings.

As far as I remember they ask for an alive chicken for the offering and many different kinds of foods. I don't know who cooked the Foods at that time.

So my Aunt just give her the money and they are the ones who prepared all the foods that are necessary and needed for the offerings.

Then evening came. All the foods are already prepared at the Table and we are waiting for the Faith Healer silently sitting in our chair. At last He arrived wearing a black robe. Holding a guitar. So the teenage me just wondering what is the purpose of the guitar? well I just only ask this in my mind as I have no one to talk to.

The wife turn off the lights. And only the 30 or 20 ( I forgot) candles left lighted up in the middle of the dark. He began Strumming his guitar. Giving me a chilled feeling.

He continued Strumming on his guitar babbling some words that I did not understand. Only the word Saint Jude! Is understandable. As if my lingered questions in my mind was answered.

The wife of the Faith Healer whispered at Aunt Linda that Her husband is waiting for the spirit of Saint Jude as it is his "abay" called here in Bisaya but difficult for me to explain All I ever known is your "Abyan or Abay" can be a ghost, a spirit or an Engkanto (called A Fairy and this is my twin woahh it will be on the next series.)

The Faith Healer continue strumming his guitar producing a very creepy sound. Then he Stop! He stand up and get the "tawas" it is some kind of a crystal or crystalline substance colorless white in color.

The Faith Healer burned the tawas with a candle and melted it. The melted Tawas was put in the basin with a clear water.

The Faith Healer is babbling again some words that you can't understand. As if he is praying while closing his eyes. Then suddenly He stop! and all the Tawas was already melted.

Then He blow the Candle and turn on the lights for us to see what was formed in the basin where the melted Tawas are.

She called Aunt Linda and Aunt Flora to look. The teenage me also looked, well I'm also curious. And the tawas was formed into two human beings with a long hair! So it's a girl! no girls I mean.

The Faith Healer said that Aunt Flora was really cursed through Barang! And there are also some debris inside her body! One near the heart, the other is over the head next is in the stomach and there is also near her two kidneys.

The Faith Healer advised Aunt Flora to undergo a psychic surgery. The debris should be removed immediately as soon as possible. Or else it will hit all the major organs inside her body. It's unbelievable right?

Even me was very shocked upon listening at that time.

And the worst news that shook Our world is that the Faith Healer told us that the Magbabarang is a very powerful one.

Aunt Flora' s name had been already cross marked. Means the Culprits wants her dead. And It should be supposedly on Friday but luckily her life was extended due to the help of the Faith Healer in our City.

Imagine that? You are destined to die just because of this creepy Barang.

Because of an evil people.

We are very sad and devastated upon hearing this explaination.

But I still believe in God and just think maybe all of this is just a fraud?

to be continued.....


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Written by   566
1 year ago
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Wow so sorry about your loss. Your story has really been a lengthy one and its really heart touching AMD painful to hear. So the effect of witches in your area still exist?

The thing is for you to be more prayerful so that such attack won't happen to any one in the family again. Thanks for sharing this. Hope to hear from you again

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1 year ago

Thank you yes it's still exists here in my place. And this story happened when I was 16 years old😇 Its not yet finished I'm still writing it's part 2 maybe there's a part 3 too.

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1 year ago

That was an interesting story. I loved it

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1 year ago

thank you.

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1 year ago

really awesome article dear friend keep it up

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1 year ago

thank you😊

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1 year ago

most welcome

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1 year ago