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Short Stories:Will I let go? or Will I hold on?

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1 year ago

Highschool Days are full of fun, adventures, inspirations, heartaches, puppy loves and many much more to mention.

This event happened during my sweet revenge on the opposite sex. And it's another story of mine which are still not yet finished. If you are curious kindly visit this article where all had started.


It's just that I watch a movie tonight where a man was crying and begging for a girl to stay. Then a sudden flashbacks of memories keep flashing in my mind one by one.

I met Barry way back during my Elementary Days. Well we are A Dancer Before. Dancer in a group. We belong to different Group. But I will always saw him as he stand out from the rest. Tall white and handsome. And the one length hair which is very famous before.

Since before our group will always met because we are invited on a baranggay fiesta or Any other Baranggay Occasions. And I find him cute and started to like him. He is my new crush for that moment.

But unfortunately I'm too ugly to noticed haha. Well I'm too young I guess on his point of view I don't know. He already had A girlfriend and one of the dancers in his group.

It's a Big Ouch! I'm not that hurt though. I just make him as an inspiration he is really good at dancing.

Elementary Days passed by....

Hello Highschool Days...

During this time of my life so many events had happened from a scary Supernatural one to so much Heartaches. I must say that this era of my life is the most colorful one.

So I met Barry again! Ayiehh... Her comes the kilig feelings, The tingling sensation came back alive.

And it's the moment of my Sweet Revenge for all the boys haha. Kidding aside In this time that we met again, I'm totally heartbroken. Or what we called this is my " Marupok" time, my weakest.

So let's continue. It's my friends birthday and it happened that They are cousins, just wow.!

And again, I met Barry. He is still handsome, much more handsome to be exact. And guess what? finally he noticed me!

He just said hello then goodbye haha it's a joke.

We keep on talking anything under the sun. During this time Cellphone is not yet well known for teenagers.

It's for the rich kids only. Sad to say we are poor.

So our means of communication with our Lovers is through our bridge..

A Bridge stands for a certain person either man or a woman. They are like a telephone back then.

If someone wants to date with you he will send his bridge to notify you secretly. Wow! It's amazing right? I missed these days... But wait be careful with the Bridge.

As there is a saying before " The Bridge is the owner' woahhh what was that? Can you guess? It means that there will be a turned of events, a sudden change of feelings where as the bridge will fall in love on the girl or vice versa. So The Bridge became the owner and the Owner became nothing! as he has nothing left!.the bridge steal his girlfriend.

But it did not happened to me. As Barry make her cousin our Bridge. Sometimes he will send a message if he wants to meet me.

Oh During this time I'am not allowed to have a boyfriend. So I always keep it a secret because my mother was very strict. She didn't even know that I'am brokenhearted already.

The second means, of lovers communication are Love Letters... Oh I really missed love letters the most. But Guess what? Whenever my mother caught my love letters she will always burned it in fire. So I live in the secret world During This time. It's not easy really not. You can't even go out in your house.

So I let her sleep and I will go out haha. But if I get caught, a big spank is waiting at me.

The third but not the least means of the lovers communication are through the eyes. Yes we communicate with our eyes! I enjoyed this time of my life. We don't need cellphone or send messages or even text messages to understand each other's intentions. By Looking through the eyes we will get connected and speak through our mind.

But you're kinda be melting like an ice cream if he wink at you. Ayiehh....!!! Then you've got butterfly on your stomach, A sudden sweat in your nose and palm. These are the effects of having crushes and in a secret relationships haha.

Oh my! I almost forgot the Famous "Autograph"! I remember I buy many Autograph before or sometimes I'll make my own. Are you curious what is an Autograph? It's like a Resume.!

As you need to sign and fill up all personal the information about you. From your name, address, age, hobbies, likes and dislikes favorite dish, fruit and all your favorites.

The most interesting one is Who is your crush? Ayiehh!!!!

Who is your first love? First kiss?

Mostly this is what we really like especially when our crushes sign up the Autograph. Haha a very genuine kilig feeling. I missed all of these....

Oh! Let's go back to Barry! As my mother is strict we really need a Bridge to communicate. Well most especially him As he like me? hehe We will meet at his cousins house pretending by making projects.

As for Barry He already Graduated in Highschool and is working. He just hang out in there and enjoying the view of my Beauty haha just joking but it's true.

He courted me. I did not answer him immediately. I let him wait as I don't know if he have a girlfriend or not. I Just want to make it sure. As I can see he is not like Giovanni who is a womanizer.

Her cousin told me he had a girlfriend before but they already broke up. So he is safe? no one will share him with you as I hate sharing that's why I'm rebelling during these part of my life.

Two weeks later... Barry is very happy as I finally gave him the Big and Sweetest Yes of mine. Our relationship is as usual a secret one. Whenever I can go out we hang out at the computer shop and we will play Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. But let me clarify, this is not an internet computer. It's just a game machine. Well people can relate if they experienced playing Mortal Combat Before.

He is sweet, gentleman and respectful to me. I couldn't ask for more. I learned to like him but it's really hard to feel love during that time.

Whenever He will go to work He will always came into the front on my house and make a whistle. Yeah it's our signal that he is outside waiting for me. Then I will sneak at my house and run very fast not wanting my mother will noticed me. Funny right? but it's full of excitement.

Our relationship went well and we are happy. His favorite genre of music are all Rock like Indian Orange, Linkin Park and I forgot some of the other Rock Groups That he likes. Theme songs are famous before too. So our theme song Is " Love of a Lifetime" as This is the only love song he ever known and is fit to me as I'am his Love for a Lifetime. He even record this song in a cassette tape and give it to me as a symbol of his love.

But as we all known not all the relationship will live happily ever after.

One time, He is going to work and called me by a whistle. I met him at the front.

He gave me 3 purple Guavas. It's kinda unique came from Their Garden. He said Goodbye and I walk to my house too smiling while looking at the purple Guavas.

Then a woman caught my eyes came out from nowhere running towards Barry. I Stopped and look at her. She will supposedly hug Barry but He avoided it as He sees me.

I can't understand what I felt during that time. I wanted to cross and confront Barry but He give me an eye signal saying He will talk to that woman first and settle everything.

So I calm myself and continue to walk back in my house. I can still see them talking as they are right across the road In the very front of me! They did not even hide for goodness sake. Maybe Barry wanted to show me and don't want to hide.

The moment that Woman Hug Barry! all my calmness was gone. I felt very angry! Then I saw the cassette tape Barry gave me I just broke it with my bare hands and pull all the tapes wanting to ease my anger.

Barry pull out from the hug and I saw him looking at me apologizing through his eyes. Then that woman wanted to kiss him? How dare she! in front of me! I'm still holding the 3 purple Guavas without any hesitation I threw it at the woman!

It hit her feet and the other one hit her head. She just said Ouch!!! and finally looked at me. That is good finally she noticed me. As I'am very much angry!

She asked him and I know even if I can't hear their conversation. I know Barry was explaining to her that I'am his girlfriend. Finally the woman is gone. Barry wanted to Cross the road and come at me. But I shouted don't! I'm not yet ready! So He decided to leave for his work and I'am left dumbfounded.

For how many days I did not talked to Barry then A sudden visitor knock in front of my door! Guess who? It's Sheryl! Barry's ex- girlfriend. His cousin told me.

My mom said I have a visitor and I really did not expected it to be her! Of all people?

She wanted to talk to me heart to heart so we went out in my house and sit down from a nearby rock in the road.

She said she don't want to fight but wanted to explain. And it's like a bomb had hit me real hard the moment she explained. She is already pregnant!!!

Upon hearing it. I'm speechless and don't know what to say!!! My mind is floating I don't even know when did Sheryl went home! I just sitting in a rock looking far away.

I decided to talked to Barry and end our relationship. As I can't really bare to look at and witnessed that a baby will lose her father because of me. I'm very sensitive of this issue as I don't experienced having a father and I don't want the little innocent baby experience this.

I choose to let go.....

Barry is crying real hard. Holding my hands and begging not to broke up with him. It's my very first time to witnessed a crying man in front of me. I'm very touched and cried as well.

But my decision is firmed and final. I don't want a baby to lose her father just like mine.

Barry even offered me A Marriage and said He will support Sheryl's Baby.

But I'm too young for that! I'm not ready to get married! Plus deep in my heart there's always someone else. So it's all unfair to all of us.

This is the Best and the right decision to make. Barry kneeling and crying in front of me breaks my heart. I know his love for me is genuine and true. But how can I returned it? plus the baby! I don't want to hurt an innocent Baby.

We separated our ways full of tears. I will not ever forget his tears for me. Just only for me. And they said if a man cried a tears you will get Karma too. Maybe I already served the Karma? But God knows I'm doing it for the sake of the baby.

We broke up totally.... Barry did not married Sheryl but instead they are living in. Barry is drinking almost every night, real drunk at my Aunt Store and keep on shouting that life is UNFAIR. I will just had to listen all of these. And felt sorry from the bottom of my Heart.

Until one day Barry fly to Japan and worked there.

As for the Present, Barry is back here in our Place still living with Sheryl and got 3 kids already. As for the wedding. I don't know if they get married or still living in.... At least his kids still have a Father to call on... And for that I'm really happy....

leejhen ❤️

Love of a Lifetime... A tribute to the relationship that didn't have a happy ending.

please excuse my voice😆

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Written by   491
1 year ago
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sayang nakabuntis kasi but kasi gumawa ayon tuloy naging unfair ang life.

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Wow nice article! Good job!

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1 year ago

Thank you so much for the appreciation.

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1 year ago

really amazing your idea and great article, keep it up friend

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1 year ago

thank you but I guess it's not so great. So sad random rewarder did not visit me anymore.

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1 year ago

you article so good i think , what the reason behind this i don't know but don't be hopeless , carry on friend

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1 year ago

yeah thank you for the encouragement.

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1 year ago