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Photo Showing

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11 months ago

It's been a while.... I learned and loved to captured photos because of this platform. I'm so happy to be part of

Wherever I go and notice something pleasant in my eyes. I will make sure to capture them. Before I don't care about my surroundings but ever since I joined here. I learned to love Photography.

Even the smallest and tiniest things I will now admire and notice. I don't care if people are watching me. My daughter will just say and laugh." Ma you will capture photos again?" She is shy about the people looking at us taking photos.

Well, I don't care haha. It's not a crime to capture photos and take pictures especially if it is really beautiful and noticeable in my eyes.

I just felt that they are calling me to notice them. On how beautiful Nature is.

I have many stored photos here on my cellphone. I intended to save all of them. Now that they are many. I decided to share it with you, my friends. Hope you will all like it.

Let's begin my Photo Showing...

Let's start with my eldest daughter...

These photos were taken before the typhoon Rolly.

Although the sky is a little dark the sunset was still very beautiful.

Telling you not to be worried. Because in every storm, there's always sunshine.

In every rain, there's always a rainbow...

In every sorrow, there's always a bright tomorrow.

The sky is telling us that there is always hope. By looking at this beautiful sunset. I felt relief and relax enjoying the wonders of Nature.

This is a pandakiki plant. I was attracted to its tiny pretty white flowers.

I just zoom the camera so the flowers will look bigger but in reality, they are very cute.

This flower caught my attention. I find it unique. But I don't know the name of the plant.

Oh, this poor pink rose. I don't know who squish it. I just felt that the pink rose is calling me and so I take a shot.

I like the leaves of this plant. I don't know it's name.

There is a pandakiki plant but what I really captured in here was the small pink flowers.

I find it beautiful.

These lovely blue flowers. I like them.

The moment I saw this lovely purple flower I immediately captured it.

Oh, it's so cute. It is very tiny but It caught my attention.

I find it's leaves so amazing. It looks like an artificial leaf, like plastic but when you touched it. It's very real.

These yellow orange flowers are in my daughter's school. The first time I saw it, it's very hot on that day. The flowers withered.

This is my raindrops photography.

Very beautiful! Sadly I don't know what are the names of these lovely flowers.

I like this! Tiny little pretty red flower. I saw this at my eldest daughter's school.

This is called a Hotdog Plant. Well it really looks like a hotdog.

Beside the Hotdog Plant, I saw this tiny yellow flower that is about to bloom.

They are both red flowers. The first one is a red santan. The second is I don't know its name but I find it beautiful. That is my night photography.

Oh, it's very hot. Poor little orange flower.

I saw these plants in the market while looking for an ornamental plant to bring in the school. This is called a demon chili. It looks like plastic but it's very real.

I find these flowers really amazing.

They are very lovely.

This is very unique having pink green leaves.

The flowers were not fully grown.

These cute little yellow flowers. I love it.

It's very lovely. But I don't know its name.

This flower is very tiny. I just zoom it in. Little tiny white flowers.

Very beautiful leaves. The best of Nature.

My version of Pink Gumamela night Photography.

It's very unique. Most of the flowers in my daughter's school are yellow.

This a ball cactus fresh from Qatar. These photos were shared by my boyfriend with me.

Just like wow. It was taken in the evening.

The ball of cactus is very beautiful in the daytime.

I forgot to asked what is the name of this tree. He said there is a two birds above. But I did not see any.

So he put a mark on the photo. And there I zoom in and saw the two black birds. They are so cute.

I'm speechless with this photo. This is the first time I saw a date tree. Just wow really amazing.

The fruits are easy to pick. Just below the ground. And I'm drooling with it. Wonder how it tastes.

Look at these. He said it is already ripened and sweet to taste. Oh I told him to bring me dates when he will go home here in the Philippines. I really wanted to taste it.

And that's the end of my photo showing. Hopefully, you like my photos.


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Avatar for leejhen
Written by   491
11 months ago
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These are some amazing photos and are captured with so much creativity and I love these scenes too and I would love to see more of thtese

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11 months ago

Dear! I have a suggestion for you!Some photos have focus issues.As they aren't perfectly focused,these photos has become a blurry one.

Whenever you are taking photos click on the subject! Your phone camera will automatically focus. If I put aside blurry photos, all the other photographs are splendid!

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11 months ago

Yeah, thank you for the advice and suggestions. But I hope you can read my reply. And hopefully, my low score will gone.

$ 0.00
11 months ago

These are some of the beautiful photos I have seen and I was amazed by your photography skills and the photos are well detailed too

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11 months ago

Wow, the photography of the flower look so amazing. I am impressed with your photography. You have captured every flowers so well. I can't figure out what to comment after viewing your photos. 👍👍👍👍

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Thank you for your appreciation. I'm glad that there is someone who likes these photos. But I guess you will not read this comment of mine. It will not notify you as I'm at a low score and my comments are automatically become spam and hidden.

$ 0.00
11 months ago