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Paper Roses:Long Forgotten but kept Hidden Part 9

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1 month ago

He called my name but I was like a statue. I'm freeze! Should I come to him?..

And so he called my name again and gesture his hand for me to sit beside him.

Then I finally got the courage to walked towards him.

Just sitting there without talking. Then he grabbed my hand and I fell unto his arms.

I'am now hugging him...

Then he said...

Photo Credit to Unsplash

"Of all the people, you are the only who come and visit me... Thank you..." Then he touched my hair.

Well, what I'm feeling is like I'm floating in the clouds while touching the sun and the moon lol.

He was wounded but not severely. The most pitiful one is the one that he hit accidentally. The man is just on the same ward and at the other side.

He let me see the condition of him and the moment Giovanni opened the curtain. I felt pain seeing the situation of this man!.

He had bruises all over his face that the color became greyish. He is just lying there without moving.

Giovanni got lucky to be able to stand up despite of all the wounds. But he also need a guidance to guide him everything he will go to the toilet or walked.

The awkwardness has gone and here we are happily talking. I can see it in his eyes that he is very happy.

And I'm happy and glad that I able to make him smile.

I visited him everyday and he even requested me to buy his favorite pineapple fruit.

Until he was discharged at the hospital. And this is my very awkward moment too.

I went home together with his family. I wanted to ride on my own because I'am ashame to his Father and Sister.

But he holds my hand tightly and never let it go. We are holding hands while waiting for the ride.

And the awkward situation became very awkward lol. But I love the way he holds me and never let go.

The ending is, we are sitting inside the motorcycle while his father is on the back ride and his sister is at the extension.

Photo Credit to Unsplash

Watching my hand holding his, brought a different sensation. But the feeling is just only for a moment the moment they arrived on their house.

Their house is first while ours will take just a little bit more of driving.

I didn't went at their house as it will be very inconvenient. He just said goodbye and I smiled.

His father paid the fare that make me even more shy.

I felt at ease now that Giovanni went home safe and sound but a little bit sad at the man that he hit accidentally.

He will probably spent his New Year at the Hospital.

Then one day Giovanni came at our vegetable store.

It's the very first time for me to see him shy and stuttering.

I asked him again. "What would you like to say?"

He just looked at me feeling shy. He is very cute during this very moment.

"Ahmm... Ah... I... I write a letter but left it in our house".

"Letter? What letter?" Me who is playing innocent and very happy.

"Ah! Just leave it there! It's very corny haha"

"Corny? It doesn't matter as long as it came from you and the words was came truly in your heart." But sadly said.. Until now I didn't know what was that letter... What words are in there that makes it corny... Is that letter still alive? Or it was gone with the wind... Who knows? Only him knows..."

I'm very kilig when I knew that he write a letter for me. Wondering what's inside of this letter that he is very shy to give it to me.

Well as for this matter. I didn't asked him again because he said that the letter is just there in their house.

Just very happy that he write a letter. FOR ME! yeah it's only FOR ME! And he is not a type of guy who will write a letter.

It's so not his way of nature. My heart is jumping for that fact already. And just leave that letter in his hands.

So that whenever he will see it. He will remember the only Girl who make him write a corny letter...

Time passed by so fast and I'am about to gather some money for my Physical Examination. And work in one of the Prestigious Company here at my place.

And we all know that our relationship is on and off. I always let him be do his personal stuff which is girls lol.

And during this time I am very busy at work that I accidentally almost raped.

But I didn't told Giovanni about this. I don't want him to know. A feeling of ashame is what I felt during this time.

If you are curious. I already wrote this story one year ago. Just feel free to visit and read if you have time.

I'am already 20 years old...

And our relationship is still the same....

I felt hopeless and think that he will never ever change...

But still I can't say goodbye to him...

I can't break up with him....

He is still in my heart...

But I decided to focus my self on work....

Until one day... I found my self finally falling in love with someone else.....

Is it goodbye for Giovanni?

leejhen 💞

To be continued...

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Written by   504
1 month ago
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Uh uh... Poor Gionvanni if the girl is in love with someone else. 🤧Waiting for the next episode. 😊

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1 month ago

Yeah it's about to end😁

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1 month ago

So sad if will say goodbye to Giovanni,

I think I must read from the first story

$ 0.05
1 month ago