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Paper Roses:Long Forgotten but kept Hidden Part 6

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3 weeks ago

My bedroom and Aunt Linda's store is very near, just two steps away. And I can clearly hear if ever there's someone in her store.

Specially if they are talking.

I was about to sleep when I heard Giovanni's voice. My heart will always skip and my palm and nose will sweat whenever I heard his voice.

Instead of sleeping. I listened to their conversation. He is confessing to Aunt Linda that he is in love with a girl.

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Upon hearing this, my heart broke into pieces. Another one? Who is it this time?

He said he met the girl at the market. Her Mom's business is selling flowers at the market and sometimes he will went there to help.

I just listened eagerly. Just thinking who is this girl who make my man fall in love.

My man? He's in love with another girl. But who cares? I still love him.

The girl is very demure and kind. And is selling vegetables at their front.

He said that he falls in love with the girl already and don't know what to do.

My Aunt answered him. That he should know what to do because he is old already hehe.

After they talked, he went home without calling me. Yes sometimes he will call me in a whistle and I will secretly go out.

But he's gone! He is in love. What a lucky girl.

I cried hugging my pillows. Then a scenario of him at their flower store meeting that girl happily and in love.

I cried again. But wait a minute! How come there is a vegetable store at their front? As far as I know there's none.

I sit down and carefully recall all that he said to my Aunt. A vegetable girl vendor and all its characteristics feels like the same with mine.

I'm selling vegetables. And all the description of that girl is the same with me.

So is it me? Is he in love with me? I wiped my tears and smile. I just cried for no reason at all.

He loves me too. And that night I sleep with a smile on my face.

And after this night he poured his time on me. And I'm very happy.

We went on a date and of course it's still a secret as my Mom don't like him because of the bad reputation that he has.

A Secret relationship for my Mom's eyes only, as all of my friends already knew.

Every Sunday I'am off to work then we will meet at a certain street. He will wait for me there with his old motorcycle.

We called it kabayo or horse as it's a very old one. Her father gave it to him.

Riding with my one and only love. Hugging him as sometimes he will speed up. Or maybe it is intentional lol.

But kidding aside. I will always remind him not to drive faster and always be careful.

And whenever he has a basketball tournament I'm always be there. Except if I'm in a night shift.

There's a game of him that I will never forget till now. Its a championship and there are many people.

I'am always watching faraway. The girls are all hype cheering for their team.

Photo Credit to Unsplash

Ahh those girls of him. But I'm quite immune to them I think lol. I'm just here always supporting him and He knows it.

The basketball court is very crowded and the announcer is keep on saying to the people to moved backward as they are blocking the players way.

But you know people here in my place are all hardheaded. They didn't moved at all.

Then an accident happened. Giovanni fell down and landed to the people who are blocking the way.

I felt very much worried that I didn't see the ball is coming over me. And it hit me real hard! At my head, I thought I will faint but thanks God I did not.

Being hit with a ball is very painful. Yeah because the ball is very heavy. Just of all places to landfall, it chooses my head lol.

Good thing nothing bad happened to Giovanni. He continued the game and after that he was awarded as the MVP.

I'm very proud and happy for him. Cheering for him from behind.

One day they are hanging out with Aunt Linda's Store and the Music played.

It's an old song in titled "Don't Cry Jonie" and the story of the song is very similar to us in terms of age gap. As he is 6 years older than me.

The song has a sad ending. Jonie married her best friend John instead. Upon hearing this, Giovanni came to me and whisper that he don't like it to be our ending.

He said Never. And I'm holding for that promise. Its very kilig and I'm very happy during that time.(Too sad the promise was broken.)

Those are our sweet old days.

Will this happy moments continue?

It's so nice to be in love....

To be continued...

leejhen 💞

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Written by   487
3 weeks ago
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Oh no, I was kilig all the way until I read that the promise was broken huhu. But I guess it's better to have experienced love even if the relationship ended.

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3 weeks ago

Yes everyone should experience the Cycle of Love from Crushes, kilig being in love, heartbreaks and moving on.

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

Good just awoesome

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

Haha, nakakilig eh pero bakit broken promise:)

$ 0.05
3 weeks ago

You will know on the coming of other parts. Pa suspense haha.

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

Ang sweet naman ma'am jhen. Stay strong both...🙏 Ako takot din sa bola. Huhu 🥺 Naalala ko nung college ayaw na ayaw ko talaga maglaro ng volleyball kasi takot na takot ako..🥺

$ 0.05
3 weeks ago

Medyo mas magaan ang bola ng volleyball 😅

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago