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Negros Pride: The Monkey Sanctuary

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1 year ago

Who loves animals in here? What pet do you like? cats? dogs? rabbit? fish? Do you like monkeys too? If you do, this is the Best topic for you.

Today I'm gonna Feature the Negros Pride Best Tourist Spot: The Monkey Sanctuary.

The Monkey Sanctuary is located at Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental Dumaguete City.

From Dumaguete to Santa Catalina it will take 1 hour and 40 minutes to arrive if you have your own car or own means of transportation.

If you don't have your own service car you can ride a Ceres Bus from Dumaguete to Santa Catalina which will take 2 and a half hours to arrive.

There are also some public V-hire (Van) which don't stop frequently and it will take 2 hours to arrive.

Before you reach The Monkey Sanctuary you will have to enjoy first the Forest view of Santa Catalina.

It's a very amazing green Scenery. Very nice place for someone wanted to escape from the busy City.

This is Maribelle 😊 My friend our Model for today's topic.

Wow! What an Amazing view!! Who would not love to just sit back and enjoy the beauty around.

The forest are very alive and fresh green.

There are many coconuts too.

Wow just by looking at the photos. I'm very fascinated and mesmerized. If I was there I will be rolling in the grass.

Very Beautiful!! Before you arrive at the Sanctuary you will cross a small river. What a beauty of Nature.

If I was there I'm sure I'm gonna swim! just joking.

Because of the Pandemic a reminder to observe social distancing is always there.

Before you Enter the Monkey Sanctuary you will pass and cross the steel bridge too.

Our Model Maribelle is enjoying the view and the sun as well.

The kids are enjoying the view too and very happy for their tour.

Oh! so the steel bridge is over the small river. Very awesome. Wonderful creation by God, the Beauty of Nature.

Kids will only be kids once. So if ever we have a time and extra money. We should bonding with them and spend Family Time. And Monkey Sanctuary is a very recommended place to spend time with your Family aside for being very affordable you will enjoy the beauty of nature and you can see the Monkeys too.

The river is clean and very refreshing to look at it's crystal green water.

This will be forever stored in our kid's memory bank. This happy moments with them.

And when they grow up there will always be a happy memories that they will forever Treasure.

Happy moments and happy bonding days with the kids will be forever be remembered. Just like this tour.

Kids are very happy and excited to see the Monkeys .

As I've said this Tour is very affordable the entrance fee is just only 30 pesos for adults and 24 pesos for children 9 years old and above. When convert to dollars it's just a cent and did not even reach one dollar.

Oh what a cute Monkey.

So when you reach and enter the Monkey Sanctuary you will be greeted by cute little Monkeys.

Oh there's no more bananas. Cute Little monkey is sad. Maribelle give him more bananas 😆

There are over 200 plus monkeys in the Sanctuary. And they were not caged instead they are freely roaming around in this Sanctuary that they considered Home.

Oh no more bananas! give me bananas please🤗

When you will visit the Monkey Sanctuary don't ever forget to bring Bananas.

As we all know it's the Monkeys Favorite.

Kids are very happy and excited playing with the monkeys.

The Monkeys are very charming and friendly especially if you have many bananas.

There are many baby monkeys too.

They are so cute they follows social distancing too.

Inside the Sanctuary there are caretakers who will guide you and assist you with the monkeys.

As they are the ones who are very familiar with the monkeys behavior.

Oh the monkey is on Maribelle's lap. looking for a banana maybe? hehe.

Oh the monkey is looking for banana. Give him haha.

The monkey like Maribelle a lot and it's so cute.

Oh Maribelle the little monkey will go you did not give him a banana haha.

after enjoying with the monkeys you can enjoy taking photos too.

Oh there's a baby cow too so cute.

Feel free to shot a souvenir photo.

Just enjoy and relax. Feel the Freshness of the surroundings. Feel the fresh breath of the air.

What a beautiful scenery! as beautiful as our Model. Oh! is that a black goat? let's zoom in, it's really a cute black goat just wondering if there are chickens too?

All is clean and green. Perfect for a date with your partner, sitting in the grass having a picnic. I don't know if they allowed picnic but just sitting is enough. Then running haha run with your loved one and said " Come and get me haha". it's just a joke but it's a very nice feeling enjoying the view of Nature with your love one hugging you right?

The grass and the trees are perfectly maintain and well taking care of. If I was there, probably I will be lying down in the grass. Enjoying the view of the sky. Feeling the Freshness of Nature. And rolling and rolling in the green grass haha.

Oh! Maribelle what are you doing there? Don't go up high okay? the goat will not gonna save you if you fall!! He is busy eating grass😆 So don't go up high haha.

Hope you enjoy the view and the monkeys.

If ever one day you will visit Philippines please feel free to come in The Monkey Sanctuary. And enjoy the Nature and the friendly monkeys.

Feel free to come here in Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental Dumaguete City.

The Monkeys are waiting for you in the Sanctuary. Who will knows from 200 Monkey populations they will become many on the day you will visit here. So bring many Bananas too.😆

Don't worry the goat will going to catch her 😆

Special thanks to Ms. Maribelle Luyas Ortega for sharing her wonderful breathtaking Photos to us.❤️ And the same time promoting the Pride and Beauty of her Province.

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Written by   487
1 year ago
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what the name of place ? all pictures looking so gorgeous and amazing .

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1 year ago

It's The Monkey Sanctuary. nice view and many monkeys.

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1 year ago

Good article

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1 year ago

thank you 😊

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1 year ago