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11 months ago

Christmas is fast approaching. Firecrackers are everywhere for sale.

But some area are not allowed to light firecrackers.

As here in our place maybe it's allowed but not too sure.

There is a display for sale near our Baranggay. Every year they always sale different kinds of firecrackers.

And because of internet you can choose from their posted pictures and they will deliver it in your house.

Today I'm gonna show you the different types or kinds of Firecrackers.

What is Firecrackers?

  • It is an explosive device especially designed to produced loud sound of noise.

  • Especially created in the form of loud bang and available during Christmas and New Year's Season.

  • They are wrapped in a heavy thick paper casing to ensure it's safety.

Different types of Firecrackers:

  • Smoke bombs

I'm just gonna show some photos but I don't know the right names of them. If you guys could familiarized with the Photos please feel free to name them.

  • Fountains

aside from fireworks Fountains is one of my favorites. As this is safe without a bang. It also produces different kinds of colors without making a noise.

  • Ground Spinners

They are very colorful but we should be very careful in handling firecrackers.

  • Sparklers

Fountains and sparkles are almost the same. I like it there is no bang too just waiting for the light to fade away.

  • Poppers

    -commonly used at parties and usually indoor.

  • Snaps

    -Also known as Devil Bangers

  • Roman Candles

  • Missiles and Rocket

  • Parachutes

Difference between Firecrackers and Fireworks:

  • Firecrackers are small and loud that explode in the ground while Fireworks set of fountains of Sparks and explode above the sky.

  • Firecrackers have no color while Fireworks showered colorful Sparks in the sky which is visual to the eyes.

I remember when I was a kid my Aunt and Uncle bring home a Job out of firecrackers.

At the age of 12 I'm curious and also joined. Making Firecrackers was not easy. because you will rolled it in a many layers of paper and it hurts in the hand.

Plus it smells. I think it's not good in everybody's health but some people here are no means of work aside from accepting a job out especially during Christmas season and New Year.

Firecrackers looks very colorful outside it will surely attract buyers.

Making Firecrackers recieved a very few salary. You need to make hundreds and thousands of these to increase your salary because it is a job out. Not on a daily minimum wage. Just an extra job.

In handling a firecrackers, one should be very careful. Especially that it is very light and easy to explode.

One time people in our Baranggay was in panic because the firecrackers factory was in fire. Business owner nearly got bankrupt but manage to recover.

They don't have any business except in producing Firecrackers so they can't easily let go this kind of Business.

I'am attracted to these colorful firecrackers too but I'm afraid hehe. I only buy fountains and sparklers.

What about you my friends? Are you planning to light some firecrackers too this holiday season?

Just be very careful and don't let small children touch these firecrackers for safety purposes.

Thank you for reading this Article of mine hope you all enjoy the colorful photos of Firecrackers...

leejhen ❤️

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Written by   503
11 months ago
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