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Build and Manage Your Knowledge Base with the Obsidian App

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4 months ago

Obsidian is a free app that lets you back up all your information. Does it sound like something from the future? Yes, sort of. But I've spent a few days exploring existing Obsidian knowledge bases and using my articles to create my own, and I have to tell you - the future is here.

Obsidian isn't your typical note-taking productivity app. Still, you can instantly annotate, add keywords, hashtags, categories, link and unlink pages the way you want. But how you do it looks straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Take a gander at the image above — what do you see? This chart is a linkable and accessible information data set where every hub is made of somebody's notes, tweets, articles, Instagram posts… As long as you have your substance in a Markdown design, you can add it to your data set. You can likewise include new notes the fly. Also, as I will show you in another article, sending out your substance to a Markdown organization and beginning another Obsidian vault is amazingly simple. What would it be able to be utilized for? Essentially anything. The principal things that strike a chord are to arrange address noticed, all your blog entries, or even most loved plans.

Something else that I totally love about this application is that it utilizes neighborhood stockpiling so you can store every one of your notes straightforwardly on your PC or worker. It's likewise conceivable to open notes straightforwardly in a program and do a huge number of different things that I can't cover here. In any case, I intend to tell you the best way to make an information base of all your Medium articles so stay tuned!

Obsidian in real life

The organization markets itself as "your subsequent mind" and keeping in mind that it may sound excessively muddled, it's really not. In another article, we will cover every one of the nuts and bolts yet for the time being, how about we simply investigate this inquisitive note-taking application and see what it's prepared to do. Will we?

I previously caught wind of Obsidian from a YouTube blogger that I love beyond a doubt. In the relatively recent past, Andrew Kirby gathered all Tweets, online journals, and articles of Naval, the fellow benefactor, administrator, and previous CEO of AngelList, and made an Obsidian data set of "his mind" for everybody to utilize.

On the off chance that you don't have a clue who this person is, Naval is renowned for his "tweetstorms", blog entries, sounds, and recordings on different points from digital money to efficiency and life overall. A many individuals follow him and pay attention to all that he says strictly. Andrew Kirby is one of those individuals and he even cases that he turned into a tycoon at 22 simply because he was following Naval.

In any case, we should return to Obsidian.

Here is a free download Andrew made for all aficionados of Naval. To see it in Obsidian, you should simply to download the entire organizer and pick Open Folder as Vault on your PC. Change to a chart see utilizing the board on the left and appreciate. There is a ton of content here! Also, I should concede, appears as though that Naval person has a ton of intriguing comments.

While Obsidian is without a doubt cool, it's not the best instrument when you need to take unstructured notes and you need to take them quick. All things considered, I would suggest looking at Dynalist, a note-taking application made by a similar organization.

Rather than extravagant chart sees, it includes clean settled records, triggers, a great deal of arranging alternatives, and easy routes. I would consider it an extraordinary Productivity application for those extended gatherings with customers who have no clue about what they need so they hop starting with one theme then onto the next. With Dynalist, it's not difficult to catch every central issue and afterward audit, sort out, and interface them in any capacity you like. Or on the other hand, you could utilize it for conceptualizing and save a rundown of all likely points for your next blog entry. Potential outcomes are unending.

I took a stab at utilizing it for multi week and I need to concede that it's way simpler than utilizing Notes on my iPhone. I likewise cherished the alternate routes, its spotless interface, and the dull mode.

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