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Once Upon A Spunky Developer

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1 year ago

The value of a coin is sustained by its community. ;)

The beginning of an elaborate faucet.

Quality crypto faucets encourage adoption of crypto currencies. They can accomplish three things, a side income for those who are willing to play by the faucet' rules, an income for the faucet developer or mass adoption of the cryptocurrency. Who doesn't like free money, eh?

As promised in my previous post: Crypto Benchwarmer No More!

This is the story of the true purpose of this crypto blogging platform. So, let's dig in!

The dilema.

A while back, I had been doing some research on how to get your account unspammed on because there were so many people asking everywhere I went. In the past I'd tell people to email's developers.

Yet, I wondered if anyone else had figured out a better solution? Well after I realized that it was really logistically impossible for the devs to manually unspam everyone's account. I decided to presearch it.

Try Presearch and earn free PRE coins!

Because I thought, "Okay, maybe the devs have talked about the algorithm that checks your account and unspams you."

Now, from my research, I can say that they haven't elaborated in detail about this. It seems that it's all one big algorithm, both the one that rewards you and the one that marks an account as spam. It all depends on your activities.

For example, I'm in @carisdaneym2 's telegram chat and here I was able to ask @MicroReylatos how his account was eventually unspammed. Essentially he said that the system eventually recognized his activity as human and therefore his account was unspammed. 

Interestingly enough, while doing the research, I did come across the real reason why and were created. This is an interesting story for those who don't already know.

Follow the cause and effect.

In order for you to know why a account may be marked as spam or how to earn more money via, then you must know what the purpose of is.

Why was it created? What is the cause and the intended effects of this Bitcoin cash (BCH) crypto project?

Why are they giving out free money?

If you read all the way to the end you'll see that they are actually not giving money out entirely for free. There's no such thing as a free lunch! ;)

Let the developer speak!

By reading several comments from the developer of, you see the panorama of the purpose of, and the Tips Faucet:

  • Which is to change humanity's perception of crypto currencies via Bitcoin cash (BCH) at the grassroots level. From the bottom up. If the majority of humanity can see how crypto benefits them, they'll be more likely to defend it against unjust laws. When the time comes, they will stand up for it!

Image source

Okay, yeah, let's talk a little about: Spammers! Hehehe

Early on, as launched, spammers were preventing new people from getting a yummy taste of BCH.

Are you asking yourself why spammers were preventing growth? Well, because...

  • They make for annoying human interactions in the community.

  • By cheating the system there was less quality work being done by spammers and getting rewarded more for it. Because they could move faster than those who took their time to create quality content.

  • Spam smears's reputation for outsiders peeking in, tagging the platform as spammy.

  • It also gives a bad reputation to Bitcoincash (BCH) and it will go down in value.

If you want to see someone who was previously a spammer and had a change of heart, check out @kingofreview 's article: 

I'm A Spammer Before On (What I Have Learned)

Soooo, we circle back to answer why some accounts are marked as spam.

This is my observation as to why it possibly happens:

  • Your writing style or structure: If it's very similar in many of your articles and you just changed the topic. The algorithm could categorize you as a bot and mark you as spam. This is because there are tools that change the words of an article to make it a "different" one yet it essentially turns out looking very similar. It's called spinning articles.
    TIP: Change up your writing style so it doesn't look too much like everyone else's. Add some humor. Make it yours! :D

  • How you interact: Do you reply back to comments on your articles? If so, are your interactions with others very similar? Like using the same sentence structure and similar words over and over.
    TIP: Try to comment with two sentences minimum. You can check your own comment history to compare if your comments are too similar.

  • Activeness: Are you reading other's articles? How often do you sign in to
    TIP: Subscribe to interesting authors and read their articles that appear in your notifications box. If you are no longer interested, it's okay to unsubscribe.

  • Growing the community: Are you helping grow other authors by tipping them or commenting their articles? A healthy community means a healthy cryptocurrency (BCH). Healthy BCH means catching the attention of new eyes.
    TIP: If you don't have money to tip a quality article, leave a relevant comment.

  • The community's reaction: How do other authors interact with you? Are they staying to read all the way to the bottom to like, comment and subscribe? Or are they clicking away?
    TIP: Bring value to your avid readers. Think about how your article will help them grow. Make your perspective unique. How do you know what's unique and what has been said a thousand times? By reading other's articles then writing about what wasn't said already by many others.
    NOTE: This is different than writing about the same topic. You can write about the same topic, however, use different words, ideas, structure, find a unique angle. ;)

  • Grammar: Google a free tool to help. I personally like using Word it checks your grammar and runs a word counter! The bot likes 600+ words. ;)
    TIP: Check the connotation of your words via Different words are used to paint a different picture in the reader's imagination.

    For example: CLUMSY vs GRACELESS. They both are synonymous, meaning they mean almost the same thing, in this case they can both be used to describe awkwardness. However, they have a slightly different FEEL to them, a different IMPLICATION.

    Clumsy is more like awkward because of lack of agility and Graceless is more like an awkward that is unsophisticated. A tool I use is
    Words can make the difference between a good article and an awesome one!

    Image Source

  • Emotions: Are you putting emotional intelligence into your articles? I've noticed that sometimes therandomrewarder really likes raw emotions. Did you make him cry? Smile? Or BOTH? Hehehe
    TIP: Adding emotions and personal experiences unique to you causes the bot to drop by with a tip! Just remember to keep it classy, nothing too raw. Plus, Humans are emotional beings. It'll also help you connect with other authors. Making you relatable.

Be Careful.

Now, there are things that will get your account blacklisted forever.

Find out what all those things are with this article: Have I tipped you?

And also check out @Eybyoung's: Forgotten By The Robot?

To sum this up, this platform we're on is an effort to onboard thousands of people onto crypto. Those funding this project and the devs are not giving away free money. Rather, they are purchasing your time and proof of work to get you to try BCH and eventually educate yourself about crypto. Which is exactly what is happening with many here. There are a lot more articles of attempts to trade and HODLing than when I first signed up.

But wait, there's more...

These are general observations and best practices for earning on

However, I will be doing a more detailed article series of how I go about creating my articles as well as the exact tools I use!

If you're interested to see how to earn money blogging on, join me, Subscribe! ;D

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Written by   55
1 year ago
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It doesn't reflect on my notification🙁. By the way, thank you again since you made me a realization throughout my works. My account is not on spam but he looks like he's not kinda interested at my articles compared before. Hence, I think I'm not the only one...

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1 year ago

Hehe I know sorry, it's because I was hurrying to publish it before midnight on saturday night that I forgot to add the link. I guess after you publish and link to others it doesn't notify. Now we know lol.

Hey if he's still visiting, that means you can get creative and he'll do bigger drops of BCH. ;D

Make him smile, tear up or both! XD

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1 year ago

I love the tips! Very practical :) I haven't heard of but I'm using Grammarly :)

It's sad when you're marked as spammer, that's why aside from keeping our accounts clean, we should help build a healthy blogging community here in We all benefit here in the first place :)

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1 year ago

Many grammar tools work great! I used to use grammarly too. However, I had the need to count characters for micro blogging like Twitter and d.Buzz and that's when I made the switch lol.

I'm always for helping others grow with me. Glad your account does that too with your tips and tricks.

To a healthy community! Cheers! :D

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1 year ago

This can really help the people who got spammed who's having a hard time to bring it back. Well done!

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1 year ago

you wrote many of the things that at some point I imagined were are actually happening but I couldn't find a way to express them in letters, I would said I learned a lot from your article and I will practice some things or points that you mentioned. And I think that read cash has a future when it comes to blogging, and I find it very interesting what read and noise cash devs are doing, and I was actually asking myself what is the reason and final goal of both websites now I understand a little bit more and hopefully I can write even better content in the future.

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1 year ago

Thanks Francis for reading my article! Many things are also related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but that'll be a topic for another article hehe. Always work on improving your articles and you'll see that the little bot drops. See you in my next article! :D

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1 year ago

see you around

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1 year ago

You wrote well about this platform i am new here i joined before seven months but didn't use it now i am active from yesterday so i got a lot of info from your article

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1 year ago

That's great to hear! I think it's a great opportunity to earn a side income. Stay tuned for future articles with tips and tricks. ;D

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1 year ago