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Spotify Wrapped 2021

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1 month ago
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Do you use Spotify to listen to your favorite music? If yes, I'm sure you already checked your Spotify Wrapped 2021. Today, I will share with you my top five favorite artists and my most played song on this year's Spotify Wrapped!

Spotify is a music streaming platform wherein you can listen to your favorite artists. It is said to be the world's biggest music streaming platform with users all over the world. You can listen to your favorite artists' songs without ads (if you're using a premium account). Every year, they had an event called Spotify Wrapped wherein they will show you what song did you play the most every year and your top favorite artists every year.

I don't use Spotify that much, I only used Spotify with 16,885 listening minutes. Today, I will share with you my 2021 Spotify Wrapped!


Top 5 - BLACKPINK - I thought expected that they'll be at least included in the top three because I always listen to their song every day.

Top 4 - EPIK HIGH - I'm not surprised that they are included in the top five because I started listening to them this year and I also play their songs almost every single day.

TOP 3 - FALL OUT BOY - One of my favorite rock bands. I'm not surprised that they are included in the list because I listened to their entire discography this year.

TOP 2 - PANIC! AT THE DISCO - I'm also not surprised that this is included in the top five because I also listen to their discography every day. I even expected them to be my top favorite artists this year.

TOP 1 - TAYLOR SWIFT - The most surprising artist on my list. I did not expect her at all. I guess she was included in my list because she has the most number of songs in my playlist.

I expected Twenty One Pilots and The Script to be part of my top five most listened artists but I guess I did not listen to their songs as much as I thought.


TOP 5 - STAY FROSTY ROYAL MILK TEA - It is a song by one of my favorite rock bands, Fall Out Boy. This song is from their album M A N I A. I love this song because I feel energized whenever I listen to this song.

TOP 4 - THE LAST OF THE REAL ONES - another song from Fall Out Boy from their album M A N I A.

TOP 3 - WILSON (EXPENSIVE MISTAKES) - another song from Fall Out Boy, and again, it is from their album M A N I A.

TOP 2 - ROSARIO - It is a song from my favorite Korean hip-hop trio, Epik High. It is released last January and is part of their Epik High Is Here Part 1 album. Even though it was released last January, it was always on my playlist. This song features three other Korean rappers that make this song super good.

TOP 1 - REALLY - It is a song by BLACKPINK released last 2018 and is part of their Square Up album. I think it is one of their underrated songs but it's super good especially the rap part. I played this song 91 times this year.

I noticed that three of my most played songs this year are from Fall Out Boy's M A N I A album.


My number genre this year is K-pop. I listen to many K-pop songs this year. I discovered new songs from new groups. I even listened to some groups I don't even know lol.


I don't know what is this for but I guess it is related to my personality and it is based on the songs I listen to.

Do you use Spotify? If yes, check your 2021 Spotify Wrapped and let me know about it!

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Written by   67
1 month ago
Topics: Music
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It's just so amazing how music can take us to different places by just listening to it. It also gives comfort to us when we're having an emotional breakdown. Anyways, I used to listen to blackpink but now? I just watched Rosé's TikTok videos hahahaha

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1 month ago

The music effects of Spotify and my built in application music is different result of sound effect, Spotify is better. That's what I noticed. I am more on Christian artist and music.

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1 month ago