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Edens Zerø

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3 months ago

Edens Zerø is a manga written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima ( the same person who created the hit manga Fairy Tail. It was created last 2018 and was Mishima's next project years after the Fairy Tail manga ended.

After Hiro Mashima announced that he will release a new manga, I'm one of those who were excited because I love his work, especially Fairy Tail, and ever since the announcement, I have been waiting for his new manga Edens Zerø.

I've been reading it since 2018, the day it was released, and was constantly updated every chapter. But I stop reading the manga last year because I was so busy.

Last night, I was scrolling on Twitter when a post about Edens Zerø appeared in my feed. And I browsed for more Edens Zerø content and I saw a screenshot of an Edens Zerø anime. Even though I'm a fan of this manga I did not know that there is already an anime adaptation so I immediately checked Netflix if it is true, and I was more surprised to see that it is true lol.

Edens Zerø is about a girl named Rebecca who visited a planet called Granbell with her talking cat named Happy.

Granbell is a planet inhabited by machines and robots and no human has ever visited this planet in the past 100 years. While walking around the planet she noticed that the whole planet was just a big amusement park managed by robots and machines, but what surprised Rebecca and Happy was when they saw a human boy suddenly appear.

Rebecca and Happy were surprised when they saw the boy because they were taught that only robots live on the planet. The boy was also surprised because it was his first time seeing a human other than himself.

They introduced themselves to each other while roaming around the amusement park planet. Rebecca found out that his name is Shiki, and he was bought to Planet Granbell ten years ago by his grandfather whom they call "Demon King". After his grandfather passed, he was the only one on the planet who repairs the robots and machines that he considered his friends. He never thought of leaving the planet and finding other humans because no one will repair his friends if he is away.

One day, when Shiki is asleep he heard a noise and saw Rebecca was being held hostage by the robots.

Shiki was surprised and confused about what is happening and why Rebecca and Happy were being held as hostages by his friedns. The robots revealed their intention they are doing it because Rebecca has a spaceship and they will use it to travel and fight humanity - who only taught that robots and machines are only tools made for humans. They will use the machine to escape the planet and strike back at humans.

Shiki rescued Rebecca and Happy and together, they escaped away from Planet Granbell and that is how their adventure in outer space starts.

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Written by   110
3 months ago
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Love this anime. Ang ganda ng plots and nakaka light sa feeling kapag pinapanood ko to. Haha.

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3 months ago