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A fresher start as a student nurse/ writer/ blogger.

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4 months ago

Hi! I am (barely) back because of school but now I am certain that I will definitely continue to write more guides in becoming a productive student (please stop procrastinating), and much more drama to come since I am crazy about all the drama happening in my life.

To be honest I became a little tired and lazy of writing down my ideas for my articles as I ended my summer class, mid-July. I got too tired that I almost forgot I have a read cash and a noise cash account. There was no break for me and my academic life and I cannot deny the fact that I had so much mental and physical breakdowns during this summer than what I had (which never really happened) when I was on my 1st year in college. I got sick a lot, I hesitated so much about this career I am walking into, and I secretly have been trying to pull myself up everyday, without anyone noticing - not even my man.

Now more interesting things happened when I finally get to have my schedule after I enrolled myself for my 2nd year in nursing school, mid-August. I knew that this will be a little bit harder than how I managed to survive my first year but there is no backing out and there is definitely no more U-turns for me. I am fixed here. I am here already, halfway through, and I know I had to do something more than what I am supposed to. It is to focus more on what I needed to learn, more than what does my professors are feeding us.

Orientation week took off from the 16th up until the 21st day of August, while official classes of our institution started last August 23 and yet, everything is still messed up. I still had a lot of friends who never got their schedules on time after enrolling earlier than the rest. It was definitely frustrating as I get to hear their rants but I definitely cannot do anything about it. I just had to advice them to email the department since I am sure our department is also facing some delays in sending schedules to students. Fortunately, after the 2nd week, everything was sailing smoothly already.

Today is Sunday, September 5, 2021, exactly 2:00PM, Philippine Standard Time.

As I am writing this article on a laptop, the rain is too heavy to deal with so I had to literally put on my in-ears for some music from my phone. Tomorrow is the 4th week of the academic year and I am sill not sure of what I have learned (so far).

I mean, we had classes about a mother’s pregnancy, how to count the due date of a preggy woman, what is BMI, how the baby escapes the mother’s vagina, how a placenta works, how to become the most confident and effective community nurse you can be, how microbes hurt and help us, how a microscope should be properly used and stored, how to properly speak the English language, and how to do a podcast.

That is (barely) 10% of nursing school for you (but those learning would still be putting you in a dilemma if whether you’re actually learning it right or not, since the whole process of learning is a hundred percent online class, making you doubt your own capabilities… oh, snap).

“Tomorrow is another day.”

Another set of classes for Community Health Nursing at exactly 7:30AM + 3 more hours of related learning experience that does nothing but let us listen to a 3-hour lecture while still half-asleep and some are still on their beds, ready for the next nap time, more Care for Mother, Child and Adolescent learning, Health Care Ethics and Computer-Assisted Language Learning (just basically an English class). Monday is fun, really. Lucky if you had the best of the best and funniest professor in the institution. I’m that lucky one.

I actually realized what was making me the pro-procrastinator last academic year when I was still on my 1st year.

The internet connection. HAHA.

We recently (and finally) get to have our own WIFI at home so that definitely became the reason why I was passing all of my projects and worksheets WAAAYYY earlier than the deadline (except for the group works since I still had to consult with my co-members).

I realized I was never really a procrastinator. As soon as my teachers drop the assignments, I’d usually search up and read more ahead about it and instantly gets to finish the worksheet the day after it was given and even a week before the deadline.

Last year was horrible. I had to wake up early, get ready and go all the way to my 2nd cousin’s house (it was not even that far but still, I had to come over EVERY FREAKING DAY, 6 times a week) just to go to my classes online and do my homework in a flash because I had limited time before going back home after dark. It was the tiredest thing to do. After coming back home, I would definitely have ZERO signal, barely even got a signal bar on my phone and I will just end up sleeping. It was disadvantaging even if I had all the gadgets I would need (iPad, cellular phone, Bluetooth-ed keyboard, laptops if I really had to use it) but there was no internet at home.


It became a routine that I had to slowly get rid off after we had the internet we need at home, plus, the whole house became soooo silent. Everyone would be on their phones watching something that will interest them (including my parents who once told us they hated Facebook and the internet). They’d be just call me inside my room to eat.

I get to my online class on time, I make my assignments before the deadline, I get to rest as much as I can when I get tired of looking at my gadget’s screen. It became a necessity for us since both of my parents are teachers so we basically had to have it. Life as a student became easy for me and that made me thankful and blessed about having enough for ourselves and for our family when everyone was actually struggling to have it.

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Written by   6
4 months ago
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