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Delux Protocol Airdrop - 800 DLP ($40)

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7 months ago

DeluxProtocol is doing an airdrop for 800 DLP. ($40) $DLP is a self-regulating system that provides secure transactions between the buyer and seller with extremely low fees. Delux utilizes smart contract technology to implement and regulate Escrow transactions. They are offering 100 DLP per referral.

Sign up here.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Start the Telegram bot.
Step 2. Join their Telegram group.
Step 3. Join their Telegram channel.
Step 4. Follow them on their Twitter page.
Step 5. Retweet their pinned tweet.
Step 6. Submit your Twitter profile link.
Step 7. Follow them on Medium.
Step 8. Submit your Medium profile link.
Step 9. Submit your Binance Smart Chain wallet address. (BEP-20)
Step 10. Post 5 messages in the Telegram group.

Congrats, you've done everything needed to complete the airdrop. They are distributing the airdrop on May 5th. Remember, don't pay any fees for your airdrop tokens!

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7 months ago
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