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How to access YouTube premium free trial by just using one sim?

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10 months ago
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Facts about YouTube


YouTube is hugely popular across the world. In fact, this app is on number two spot on Alexa Traffic Ranking which proved that this domain supremely influencing the world of social media entire the whole world.

Disadvantages of YouTube

  • In spite of good service that they were giving to us, we all know that their ads are really irritating. When we want to watch a new video by our favorite YouTuber's, the ads automatically appearing which I know that it's their way to produce more contents but personally, I just want to feel angry when I always coping that situation.

  • They always bringing us the quality of the videos that we deserve. Also, we can search up for a thousand results to choose from. However, when we want to save it online, it almost need need a subscription and there have always an ad that we should upgrade to YouTube Premium which is not applicable for tight budget people like us.

  • Aside from that, when want to listen some songs out on YouTube, we can't run it on background. So, in closing, we have no choice but to download it on pirated site and the worst part is, that trick is too illegal to comply.

So, what are the things that we should expect on YouTube Premium:

Benefits of YouTube Premium

  • Ad-Free and Background Play

If we were avail their YouTube Premium system, they would guarantee us the ad free viewing experience that we anticipated for a very long time.

In addition, we can also use it in background while using other apps like Facebook or even the screen is locked.

  • Downloads

We can also download our favorite vlogs, music videos, audio, tutorial, compilation or other stuffs in just a minute depending on your internet or length of video so we can save it temporarily for offline viewing experience.

Don't worry about the views because the views were instantly added when we were already connected to our internet or data plan.

  • YouTube Music Premium

Just like Spotify, YouTube Music is also a music platform where we can listen to several different customized playlist depending to our mood such as sad playist, happy playlist or even we were at work.

We can also use their Free service but the main disadvantages of having no plan is you can't listen in background and it has a lot of ads.

  • YouTube Originals

This is only for premium users where you can watch their original contents which featuring some of your favorite YouTubers.

How to activate YouTube Premium Free Trial for new users?

Don't worry guys. Our problems will be solved by just doing this trick. These are the only requirements for claiming our free trial.


    Make sure that your GMail is not been redeemed any plan about YouTube Premium.



It is only valid for a month but it's okay since the e-mail is unlimited so we can do another account then we can avail again their free trial using our existing sims.


1) Log-in your e-mail account on YouTube. If you have already have existing account, you don't need to do this step. Open the YouTube app instead.

2) Click your avatar (profile) to direct on settings.

3) Click the Get Youtube Premium button to avail their free trial.

4) Click TRY IT FREE button for payment option.

5) Scroll down then click Enable Globe Telecom billing.

If you were using other telcom brand that actually originated from your country or you have other sims except Globe, then you had need to enable it.

6) Click BUY.

7) Write all your personal information. Don't worry, your identity were safe.

8) Click again BUY.

9) You can now enjoy the benefits of the YouTube Premium.

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Written by   284
10 months ago
Topics: Youtube, Tricks, Premium, Random, Blog, ...
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