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The Worst Mistake Nigerians Have Ever Made In Choosing Their Leaders

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4 months ago

When you are digging the grave of your enemy, make sure you make it shallow because you may accidentally fall in it, when we perpetrate evils against someone, the very first thing that will come in our mind is that, we have gotten rid of him or her not knowing we are ruining ourselves systematically.

The political institution of Nigeria is politics of bitterness and lies, when former President Goodluck Ebele Johnathan was in the power, his best friends betrayed his trust and paraded him to the people as incompetent president and Nigerians started calling him many names and alleging only the innocent president as the only problem which Nigerians has and we started clamouring for change, but when the changes actually comes, it is like a frypan to fire.

​All the freedom of speech and association that were wonderfully enjoyed before are no more and the value added tax has been sporadically increased, there is hike in petrol and the free flow of employment opportunity is no more, you have to procure slot with huge sum of thousands of Naira before you can secure one and the cost of living is very very exorbitant.

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It sounds to me it's everywhere the same. Might be it's true what they say: the people get the president/government they deserve. The wars will continue and it will only get worse.

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3 months ago