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1 month ago

Time to clean the stain.

Very thick and dirty is the stain.

Very stubborn is this stain.

Stain of forlorness.

Stain of leadership failure everywhere

Stain in our electoral processes.

Stain in our education sector.

No one likes stains.

No one is friendly to stain.

No one can live with stain forever.

Not even the blind.

Not even the lunatics.

Little time a stain cakes

Letting it stay a little longer can deface a surface.

Like a plague in our clime.

Everywhere festoons of stubborn stains

The thought hitherto was that it's irremovable.

Lies and games peddled to keep these stains for ages.

Now just little scrubbing the stain is off

Now there's scramble for stains

Any remaining stain is hidden .

Little more hardwork.

Little more time .

Our country will be rid- of stubborn stains.

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Brilliant article

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User's avatar Win
3 weeks ago

Nice writing

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1 month ago