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Requisites Of A Successful Marriage

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11 months ago

Marriage is said to be a union (including physical, spiritual, and emotional union) between a man and a woman and it is a divine orchestration by God. Marriage is a gift from God to cover our loneliness and give us a companion that will bring joy and happiness to our life.

For love to grow more and for things to work out well in your relationship, there are some things you must do as a partner to make your other partner happy. Some of these things are below:

1. Always cherish the good things your partner has done and what he/she is doing for you and be thankful for that all the time because God in His word says; He that does not thank Man does not thank Me.

2. Profess to your spouse how much you love him/her, how much he/she means to you and how lucky you are to have him/her in your life.

3. Call your spouse sweet names.

4. As a man, help your wife in doing some domestic activities like; cooking, washing, tiding up the house and other house chores.

5. Honour your spouse family and parents most especially, buy them gifts sometimes.

6. Make yourself look attractive to your partner always by smelling good, both mouth and body.

7. Treat your spouse kindly, offer things that will soften your spouse heart towards you.

8. Buy your spouse some gifts no matter how small it is, it will make them feel happy and strengthen their love towards you.

9. Remember your spouse in your prayers.

10. As a man, avoid maltreating, hitting or beating your wife. You are bringing in calamity and curse to your relationship.

11. Chat with your spouse whenever you are together.

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