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Here Is The Implication Of Trump's Defeat To The World

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3 months ago

Trump's defeat in US election seems to have dampened hopes for peace in the world.

I personally would be happy if Trump had won this election. Trump was not really a politician, he is a businessman. He knew how countries associate each other's interests with business.

Trump really had a hope for Peace if he won this election. Call him crazy or anything but he changed the course of world politics.

He was doing well in US relations with North Korea. He was the first US president to set foot on North Korean soil.

If he had won, The Kashmir issue would have been resolved. He knew it was time to dump her and move on. India would take Ladakh, Pakistan Gilgit and Kashmir Valley would become a semi-independent state.

He is the only American president in the last 30 years who has not fought a war. Under his rule, no attack or war will be imposed on Muslim countries.

He was withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and he did a wonderful job that was not in the imagination of the world.

Now that Biden is President, it is hoped that Barack Obama's policy will continue.

In a world where there will be war, attacks on Muslim countries and political chaos everywhere. Because Biden is a politician and the United States may not withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Kashmir will continue to burn like this, North Korea will start cracking down.

The hope for World Peace will be dampened by Trump's departure.

Note: Its Just My personal Opinion

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Written by   32
3 months ago
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