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Fading In Despair

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1 month ago

Our world is like a QUAGMIRE,

Helplessly we fill it up daily like a QUESTIONNAIRE,

Nobody to rescue but they CONSPIRE,

You are all alone like on a line: a TIGHTWIRE.

A universe full of turmoil, a vast callous EMPIRE,

Where Echoes of war soaked in blood like ATTIRE.

Hunger and poverty rages on like WILDFIRE,

And the callousness of humans persist with no CEASEFIRE.

Any chance of survival could make you go HAYWIRE,

Having no idea what the silver lining REQUIRE.

Many escape routes are laden with TRIPWIRES,

You and I are in needs so DIRE,

Just to live out the rest of our days with beautiful DESIRES,

Living in an endless harsh reality with no COUNTERFIRE!

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Impressive article

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