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Desmond Elliot Finally Apologized Over His Insensitive Comment

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4 months ago

Desmond Elliot is a Nigerian Actor who just found his way recently into politics as he represents Surulere Constituency in the LAGOS HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY (LAHA).

During the last plenary, Desmond Elliot called out the youths protesting while giving his submission as CHILDREN, saying that they should get into government first and see how it is like. This fueled lot of grievances and annoyance as insults and curses followed him especially on his Twitter and other social media handles.

Before then, he spoke against celebrities supporting protest as he tagged "Celebrities and Social Media Influencers as major problem" and the celebrities never wasted time to show off their disappointment in him as many tagged his name and write CANCELLED. Tekno wrote his name as DESMOND IDIOT, Zlatan Ibile mentioned that you can't be in Politics and not show forth craziness and then rounded up by writing his name has DESMOND ISCARIOT.

The Nigerian celebrity world were so disappointed in him which led to the outburst on Twitter and they did not hesitate to call on the people of Surulere to hear their leader out before they vote for him to represent them again in 2023.

A Celebrity mentioned that thank God for this protest, we are now knowing the true intention of people we think we trusted or are capable

Another celebrity was calm enough and she advised him that 'You are representing the people, so why save the Government'?

Desmond Elliot after all this came out on Twitter and mentioned that he never meant to be insensitive with words that he allowed emotions to affect his submission at the plenary.

He mentioned that while delivering his submission, he was only thinking and remembering the complaints of the women that complained about how they were heavily looted, listing out 6 things that had happened, he then called everyone that we are all bound to make mistakes and that he learnt already and moving ahead to what's next, beckoning on everyone to also forgive and move one.

Should it had gotten to this?

Should he had made the mistake initially?

He still never sounded sorry-ful/remorseful for me though.

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Written by   32
4 months ago
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