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Arteta Needs To Change These Or Forget UEFA Qualification

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1 year ago

Arteta may be the very good coach but yet he makes certain mistakes repeatedly especially when playing against the big teams. Those mistakes are such as the following.

1. Change of first eleven squad regularly.

I don't know where he gets that idea of keeping on changing players in almost each match which affects players chemistry negatively . It's incredible the team played without a natural central strikers for long time while playing Pepe and William together who sometimes would find themselves playing one position. With Nketiah and Lacazete out while Aubameyang playing playing winger ,where did he expect the goal to from !?

2. Late substitution as usual. I was shocked seeing Partey,Nketiah Lacazete coming in in the dying times ( with ten minnutes left to play) despite of seeing the need earlier on the first half when Man City bossed the midfield with no any reliable Arsenal central striker to shake their defence. This mistake has been repeated most of the times .

3.Lack of confidence when playing big teams.

I keep saying that this isn't the Arsenal I fell in love with when I chose be their fan. Again Arsenal were severely beaten in possession by Manchester City. Arteta needs to allow players to playand enjoy football as the best way to unleash their talents with the ball rather than being too tactical. The coach lacks the guts that helped Aston Villa annihilate Liverpool in the last weeks. They couldn't have done that if they weren't allowed to play.

NB. Again Arsenal is confusing fans with their decision to not playing Ozil when he's obviously needed and of course the issue of Saliba being loaned.

Moreover maybe the coach decides to play Ceballos/Elneny, Xhaka and Partey together to strengthen the midfield area that was completely dominated yesterday at the Etihad Stadium.

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