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Arrival Of The New Wine

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1 month ago

I see fresh air rest upon my country

I see dews of new era phasing out old order

I see rebirth of a new country

The new wine in a new jar.

The old wine in the old jar is sour

The taste is throat choking .

Some of the containers that brought the old wine is broken and wrenched to shreds.

The fear of being broken in shredded pieces scare some unbroken wine jars.

The new wine in town is sweet with gripping flavours bubbling in freshness and foams.

The taste of the new wine

leaves no room for the old wine

Old wine have passed away

New wine have come to stay

The people cannot resort to old wine

In the night

In the day time

In the morning

New wine tasting era is here.

No one knows

It was fast around the corner

little thought of the new wine

penchance on old wine was manipulated

there was new wine before now

but was an exclusive preserve of the few

those who walk with arrogant gait

those who never merited the new wine

those who by crookery hijacked the new wine

now that the thing that cloak the eyes of the people is unlaced, the people can see their true oppressor.

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