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Your Worst Nightmares

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2 years ago

Have you ever experienced dreaming of something wherein you remember all the details after waking up?

Did you experience having a real bad dream and woke up with big thumping sound on your chest?

How about sleep paralysis? What are the things you see while it's happening.

I have few nightmares that I still remember until now.

First experience, I was having a nap time on my favorite couch. It was a tiring day for me. So, I just let my body slip down to the couch and fell asleep.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew the door open and a creepy black thing touched my legs and I was not able to move. I struggled so bad. I wanted to shout but no 0ne can hear me. Until I finally came back to reality.

Second experience was at my cousins home. We were six in a bed. Nobody was able wake me up when an old lady came to me. She wore white all over. She tried to remove my blanket. Then I shouted and went back to reality. I woke up with my blanket down.

The last one was unusual. A lady came to me and touched my face. Again, I'm experiencing sleep paralysis. The struggle is real! I can't move I was like struggling for 10 minutes.. when the lady was gone I was relieved but my heart pounding like bass drums.

Until today, I learned not to sleep alone. When I go to bed I ask for company. I can't sleep with these ladies touching me in my dreams. I don't know them and they are very creepy.

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2 years ago

Awesomely written

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2 years ago