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Unfriend: Goodbye

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3 weeks ago

Clint's POV:

It's a fine sunny afternoon. I'm sippin' on some milk tea while trying to figure out how to defeat my enemies. This game has got me addicted for months. It's as if I have escaped from the real world. Forgotten every miserable moment of my life. Dad left us for another gold diggin' b***! For months I lost attention to my studies. Disappointments made me do it.

I used to be a happy person. I never had any trouble in life, ever! My father, he's the one I look up to. My mom is the most sweet loving parent I know aside from my dad. My life. I could say it's almost perfect. And I have the most understanding and caring girlfriend in the world. Debbie.

Debbie, I could recall how this girl had caught my attention back in high school. She has that angelic sweet voice. I fell in love with her simplicity. Putting her long straight hair in a ponytail. Wearing white shirts and denim pants. She never liked wearing make up except for a pink lip gloss. So simple yet so pretty.

Those innocent almond eyes. Her funny and smart gestures. Oh! How much I've missed her.

Last month she disappeared after seeing Cassy in my lap. Ugh! That girl. She keeps on playing around. I admit I took advantage of her little obsession towards me. I hang out with her while I take Deb for granted. I was with her most of the time since we share the same interest at the moment.

Deb and I used to do things in school together, but, I'm just too fed up with all of the homeworks and deadlines. The unreasonable projects! I hate it! It doesn't make sense to me anymore. Now that my family is broken into pieces. What is school really for, anyway?

Oh! Where could she be? I wish she's okay. I hate myself. I felt guilty seeing so much pain in her eyes when she saw us on the cafe. It's been a month that I have tried reaching out to her.

Asked her cousins even if I feel uncomfortable in front of them. For the first time I have had the guts to step in to their house.

I tried to wait for her in the campus gates. Asked our friends about her but I get nothing from them. They also seemed to have hidden her from me and I blame myself for all of this.

I hope to see her and win her back again....

I never realized my bubble tea is all consumed. I was thinking too deeply, trying to figure out where to find Debbie.

As I'm about to take another one on the fridge, I see Debbie coming in from behind the door. My eyes grew wide and ran to her and hugged her so tight.

"I thought I could never find you. Where have you been, my love?"

She slowly pushed me away. She used to break down in front of me but this time, she looks tougher and calm.

With a bitter smile, she looked at me..

"I'm here to say goodbye.."

Author's note:

Hi guys, it took me too long to post this. I tried to play the song of Jamie Miller "Here's Your Perfect" for some motivation. I'm currently in a tough situation right now but I would love to finish this part...

It's a bit shorter because I based the reading time on the time duration of the song..

... Next part is currently on the draft.. 😊

OMV taken from Youtube

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Written by   118
3 weeks ago
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nabitin ako,hehehehe.. wait ko ang kasunod,, Sana magig okay na sila

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2 weeks ago

Ouch! That's really painful, but I think Debbie had enough of it. The situation here had some resemblance with my experience.. Though, we remained as friends still.. Just friends hehe

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3 weeks ago

I felt the pain to the girl. Don't wait till the end since you might regrets and always bring the conscience.🥺 Sometimes we need to think deeply with our actions because it give you consequences in a right time.

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3 weeks ago

true.. Never decide when you are overwhelmed by your emotions

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3 weeks ago

Yes it's true... It hurts you if you will...

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3 weeks ago