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The Payback

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5 months ago

Part I: Outcast

... ... ... ...

A week after her comeback, the couple worked on Angel's documents. They are migrating to a different country with her. She was too excited as she had never experienced being treated like a princess just like on the fairy tales. A few weeks more she found herself sitting on a comfy couch in a cold place.

Strange. She's now in a place where the sun doesn't rise. It's literally really dark and cold outside. They were located in a semi-remote area. Her parents bought an amazingly enormous house. If you look at it from the outside, it kind of looks like the house of the Adam's Family but it looks really nice and grand inside. High ceilings, huge chandeliers and big gold curtains.

The house is surrounded with trees and the woods that paralleled in the aisle going to the main street is too dense. She felt a little creepy deep inside but she's a woman, now, it's easier for her to handle her fears. Being tagged as a murderer, she should not show any fear. But deep inside it's creeping through her bones. She's still a woman with weaknesses, anyway.

Angel spent a month inside the house. Her parents promised to send her to school but still, they say things are complicated. She stayed inside while the couple goes out to buy their needs. It's too bad that she can only enjoy the view of the interior design of their house. Since the day they came to this place, she was never able to use her phone, it's useless. No signal, no internet, she could only hear the crickets and the birds humming. The sound of the forest is the only thing she could hear.

Mama Loretta and papa Markus stays with her all day. Both have applied for an early retirement back in the Philippines. They decided to stay there for good, with her. She heard that they would apply for work here in Norway, but it seemed like they have idled themselves for quite a while now. And they promised to send her to school but since, they are new to the place, they thought it's a still quite complicated for her since their place is far from the city. They do have a car but she needs to learn to drive first. She asked her dad if she could practice driving. She didn't get a straight answer from him yet.

The couple had been really busy in the first month of their arrival. She barely see them around or maybe because the house is just too big for the three of them to not see each other. There are more or less 15 rooms in this house. She could only hear classic instrumental music from that record player. It's too loud that she could hear it wherever she goes around the house.

One day, they had a fine meal. She still couldn't identify whether it's daytime or night time. A heavy rain is pouring outside that makes it the most darkest day outside, with thunders and lightning. Mama Loretta had given her a hot creamy mushroom soup. She was pleased as she always gets this every meal. Mama Loretta's care and attention, she had craved for it 9 years ago. She remembers Mark and Amber, who have indulged for their mother's love in front of her. She felt envious that time. But now, she has it all. Angel enjoyed the soup, she was feeling full but the taste made her want some more. Great and perfect for the weather. Until she felt sleepy, maybe because of eating a lot. She fell asleep on the table. The last thing she saw was papa Markus smiling at her.

Angel wakes up in a dark room. She can barely see a thing. She started to feel confused. Angel tries to stand up, that's when she realized that both her hands are tied up into something. It's too tight that she almost couldn't move, and it hurts a lot when she moves.

"Papa, Mama?!" She shouts, with her voice obviously feeling so worried. Her voice echoed around that big dark room, she has no idea where is was. She hears moaning, but couldn't figure out what and where it was. It sounds like a struggling human being.

Angel got really frustrated after a few minutes that she couldn't untie herself. Until a dim light was lit in the corner. She sees the pictures of the siblings, Amber and Mark. Their family picture in front of her. But then the light went off again. Suddenly, she felt something's cutting on her skin. She screamed from that burning sharp sensation that went through her legs, then her arms. She felt like somethings tearing her skin off. She keeps on screaming as the tearing never stopped. "HELLLPPP!!", she screamed, but it's hopeless. No one will ever hear her in this dark isolated help. "Mamaaa!!, Papaaaa! Help me, pleaseeee!, God! tell me this is just a dream", she cried so loudly like a cow.

Then she heard a fierce, loud and angry voice. "GOD!!! HOW DARE YOU CALL FOR GOD FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE IN THE PAST!!" Angel knew, that was mama Loretta, she heard. "Mama Loretta, untie me please, I beg you." But the woman continued to rip her skin off of her body. She screamed and cried. Then she felt her nails were being ripped off from her toes at the same time. "AAAHHHH!!!"

Lights on. She found a person sitting in front of her. She knows, even if she hasn't seem her a long time ago, after he ran away from that crime scene, she still recognizes him. His face wounded, his body bathing in blood. She realized he was the man she heard moaning earlier in pain.

Jam. His toes were distorted. His face swollen with blood streaming from his forehead. "JAM!, JAM! UNTIE ME PLEASE!". But he's unresponsive, almost unconscious now. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS??" A loud evil laugh echoed the place. "How easy for you to forget the crime you committed, huh?" . The pain in her wounds are unbearable. She's being skinned alive. Nobody heard her screams as the mixture of lemon juice and salt was dripping all over her body. She was being hit with a hard thing she's sure it was a baseball bat. She felt her limbs breaking.

The baseball bat was thrown out to Jam's face. He got hit really hard that made him fall dead on the floor. Angel continued to scream in agony. "Why are you doing this?!!!"

A loud evil laugh. "Do you hear what you're actually saying right now?" She sees a mad mama Loretta right in front of her. A lot different from the sweet mama Loretta she knew. She hasn't seen her like this.

Mama Loretta started talking about 9 years ago.

Brad died after being convicted. His mom couldn't believe what happened to her son. He reportedly hanged himself in the metal grills on the windows of his cell. But his parents never believed in all the accusations against him. His mom had sleepless nights looking for answers and trying to find the real culprit in this case.

A year after that incident, during his death anniversary, Brad's mom opened the box where all his things were placed while he was in jail. They were given to them after recovering his body. There she found out something that made her break down into tears, out of grief and anger. ..

"Angel is the real culprit. She made up stories inside the court room. I never asked anything from her, in fact, she's the one who keeps on telling me she wanted to kill somebody. I thought it was all a joke. Now, I regret making friends with her. I'm disgusted the fact that I got attracted to her in the first place.

That day, I came to Amber's house because Angel asked me to come over. The moment I arrived in the place, I was so scared and don't know what to do with what I saw. She hugged me. That explains the blood stains in my clothes.

The victims were lifeless when I came. I saw Jam coming out from that house when I was a few blocks away. He saw me but he was in a hurry. Now, he came to visit me after I was arrested. Jam threatened me. He said his parents have connections and that he would find a way to kill my parents if I told the police that he was there.

I was not thinking of him as the suspect in the first place, I didn't even care where he came from. All I know is that I'm in a hurry to attend to Angel's emergency. I blame myself for being weak. I couldn't even talk properly in the witness stand."


One of the jail guards seem to be one of Jam's connections. He never leaves my side especially during visiting hours of my parents. I tried to leave a tiny note but he looked at me sharply. When they left, he sent me to my cell and hit me with his cudgel. That moment I know I'm doomed forever.


There are a lot of things I wanna say, but when I'm inside the court room, I don't know if I'm still safe when I say the words. I wanted to fight but it seems that the world is against me. No one will ever believe me. Only God knows, I didn't do it. I lift everything to God. He will give me justice.


Tomorrow, the decision will be out. The jail guard came to my cell today. He told me to keep quiet and accept my verdict. He will kill me if I talk or react to it. Now, I feel like the world is turning it's back on me. Then I found out he was Jam's half brother his mom didn't know about. Whatever happens, I will tell my parents that I have threats.


I'm sentenced to 15 years in jail. Unacceptable, I will serve and pay for the crime I never committed. But I will find a way to reverse this. I know I'm not too late to tell the world what I know. I hope I have the courage but we will appeal to this. I wish I could talk properly. My anxiety controls my emotions that makes it hard for me to talk . I gave my mom an "SOS" note, I hope she gets it. ..

Brad's mom felt guilty for not being able to attend to her son's needs. She knew it! He was innocent. He must have been murdered. She knew that suicide note isn't her son's hand writing. She immediately called for a meeting with the victim's parents.

The following year, a jail guard was found dead but the suspects were never caught. The couple discovered Jam was being sent to Norway to get away with the case. They both remained quiet for a long time. Silently grieved for their children while justice isn't in favor of them.

The couple found Jam in Tromso, Norway. They also found an abandoned house and restored it to make perfect place for them to stay. They went back to the Philippines to take Angel out of jail. Markus flew to Norway after Angel's come back while his wife works on her papers....

"You know, we have prepared long enough for this moment. We used all connections just to get you here. Now you and Jam will be together again. Isn't that what you've always wanted? We made all things happen for you".

Angel started to lost consciousness. She felt numb all over her body. She could barely move her head. "Mama, please forgive me...". Tears dripping from her eyes.

Mama Loretta grabbed her hair and looked her straight in the eyes. "I could never forgive a demon like you. This!! All of this is not enough to make me forgive you!" She yelled at her face.

Papa Markus slammed Mark's baseball bat into Jam's head over and over until his body dropped on the floor. Angel screamed in agony. "That's for killing my son and Brad".

Mama Loretta started slashing Angel's neck with a small knife. She made a shallow slice to make her suffer more from pain. She continued pouring lemon mixture in her body that made her scream like a she's in hell. "This is for my daughter..."

Angel raised her face and saw mama Loretta walk towards her with the baseball bat she used to kill the siblings.. "No... pl..." everything went dark. Mama Loretta forcefully hit her head with the bat, screaming and crying in anger.

Markus poured gas all over and burned the cabin along with their dead bodies. After it was burned down, They covered it with thick soil. The couple left the place a day after. No one ever discovered what they did. They migrated and lived peacefully to another country.

The bodies were never found...

...THE END...

Author's Note:

Sorry it took me weeks to finish this story. A lot of things happened this month that made me stop writing. But I really need to finish this story even if I don't know anymore what to write. Lol! And sorry for my choice of words, I really didn't know what to write anymore. My goal is to finish this as soon as I can. Haha!

These are just what if's in my mind... some evil thoughts I could think of...

Justice system is sometimes useless, and unfair to the aggrieved party.

We have clearly seen the Maguad siblings as an example. The decision of the court was obviously disappointing and upsetting.

So I started imagining things in my mind about what could be the best revenge for a person who doesn't even feel any remorse from the crime he/she committed.

Still God knows best.. He will punish the sinned in a different way... The best thing to do is pray and believe in Him. Never put justice in your own hands..

Thanks for reading..

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Written by   133
5 months ago
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