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[FAQ] BLOCKNG: #LAWPUNKS NFT, #LAW Token, #farming

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7 months ago (Last updated: 6 months ago)

Today I will introduce you to and their whole Eco-System.


Go to and connect your METAMASK wallet. To do so, just click the button shown on following picture.

Now you are ready to go and we can explore their page!

1.1 NFT #LAWPUNK drop

Go on and click the "MINT" button to check out their awesome #LAWPUNK NFT drop.

As you can see here 5111 #LAWPUNKS out of 10.000 are still available.
You can mint 1 NFT for 0.01 $BCH or 1.000 $LAW.

All your owned NFTs will be shown on this page as well, just scroll down.

1.2 NFT marketplace

To visit the NFT marketplace (where you can sell or buy already minted NFTs) just click the "GALLERY" button

Here you can explore every single #LAWPUNK NFT as well as check the current market. To see available NFTs go to

MARKET and select ON SALE and SORT to Low to High

Now you can see every NFT currently for sale and sort it as you want to . $LAW and/or $BCH and sort it Low to High or High to low.

Now we can see all kind of #LAWPUNKS for sale

To buy one, just click "BUY" and the NFT will be moved to your wallet.

1.3 NFT details + selling

If you want to get more details about a NFT, just go on and click "DETAIL".

As I also want to show you how you can sell your NFT, in this example we go back to "MINT" page and check our owned NFTs.

Now we click on "DETAIL" on one of our owned NFTs and something like this will be shown.

Here we can see how rare our #LAWPUNK is and we can also sell it!

If you like to sell it, just put in the amount and set the currency.

For example here I would like to sell my NFT for 0.1 BCH.
Now that we know everything about their NFTs, lets move over to the DEFI section.

2.1 BEAM: Earn LAW staking BCH

If we go to the "BEAM" page, we can stake our BCH to receive LAW as a reward.

The APY changes daily, so it is worth to have an eye on that! If you have some spare $BCH just laying around doing nothing, think about staking it to receive additional $LAW rewards!

2.2 REBASE: Add BCH/LAW liquidity and gain LAW

Another way to generate some passive income is by providing BCH / LAW liquidity! To do so, go to the "REBASE" page.

As you can see we currently have an HUGE APY of more than 660%!

If you want to add some liquidity, just go to BENSWAP and add some BCH / LAW liquidity there! After that, you can go back to BLOCK.NG and add your pair to the pool!


Go and check out their whitepaper here


Rarity overview:




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Written by   25
7 months ago (Last updated: 6 months ago)
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Thanks for this...this really answered my curiousity about lawpunks

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7 months ago

Thank you John, very happy it helped you! Feel free to join their telegram, lots of nice and helpful members.

PS: I just started a smartBCH complete beginner guide, take a look if you want :)

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7 months ago