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The Darkness in Between :- Chapter One

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2 months ago

Only once have I felt the way that I am feeling now, The raging chaos of emotions that are batting within me, every step I take feels heavier somehow.

But I have to do this. I need to do this for Beatrice.

The cold metal knife in my jacket's pocket. My eyes searched around to see if anyone saw me, there was no one paying attention.

My colony forbids low rankers to own any type of weapons. Perhaps that's why most of us are so poor. We have nothing. And what we have we fight for, its a hard life but we survive Most of us that is.

I pick up my pace passing some guards on my way, I stare at the ground trying not to draw attention to myself but then again who would notice a person like me, I’m too normal you see, nothing about me stands out, not like Aiden Butcher who has red fiery hair that bewitches one’s eyes like ambers in the dark sky, not like Sean who is the only boy in the colony actually smart enough to solve a problem and does the bookkeeping for Mr. Desi the counsel consult. And not like Beatrice who has a heart of gold who’s loved by everyone in the shelters. No I am not that ..

The rain collided with my body causing me to shiver from the cold, I coiled myself into my jacket trying to get warmer.

Damn I should have worn a warmer jacket

"Adam!" A voice called from behind me, I looked towards my left and saw Tommy, a short boy running towards me splashing mud with every step he took his wide smile shining as brightly as dawns first light. Now I’m mad.

"Tommy go home: I snapped trying to ignore the boy as he began matching my fast-paced steps. He was wet all over from the rain. But the wide smile on his face told me that he didn't care that he was wet or walking in the rain with nothing but a sleeveless shirt and pants, I envy his  care free attitude sometimes, it makes me long to be alone and not care about them.

"Come on Adam I want to come with you, where are you going such a hurry?" He huffed trying to keep his breath steady.

"Home" It wasn't a lie. But it wasn't the truth either

"Then I'll come with, I've got nothing better to do."

He was always so persistent, always fallowing me or Sean around, always the first to start a quest always the life of well… everything, Tommy was Tommy and that’s that.  I grew impatient, this was not the time for games, especially not with Tommy.

He was a nice kid, that everyone knew, but he was also a thief. Actually, most of us are thieves, but Tommy was exceptionally well at never getting caught, which is good, actually it’s great but right now there were guards everywhere and the last thing I want is to attract attention unfortunately for me Tommy is the Sun,

Without even knowing it I placed my hands in my jacket, I feel the cold knife caress my bare skin, my heart picked up speed just thinking about what I’m doing.

"Tommy, go home, I'm not in the mood for trouble," I said pulling my hand out of my pocket and ruffled my hair with it. My wet hair.

"I'm not trouble I'm..."

Tommy just go home!" I shouted, I instantly felt guilty, his face dropped I saw traces of tears in his blue eyes. And in that moment I forgot that Tommy aside from being the Sun is also “Tommy is a Bubble” and I just popped him.

He didn't say anything else, He just turned around and walked away towards the shelters, kicking mud with every step he took again. I watched him disappear before I began walking again.

Damn it Tommy I didn’t mean it bud


This was for the best. I knew I had hurt his feelings but I couldn't let him get into trouble, he wouldn't last a week if he got sent away. Sometimes I wonder if he really is satisfied with all this, the life we have. I mean does he ever want more you know. To get away from it all. Sometimes I’m happy but it doesn’t last. It feels like I’m breathing through a straw most of the time.

I should apologize though, but what I was doing was dangerous.

Hi Thank you for making it to the end of the Chapter. I have decided to use my account for writing purposes and let go of the tips and tricks vibe for a while.

I'll just be posting rough drafts . If you liked this then there will be more so just Subscribe to get notified when a new chapter is up or even a new story.




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Written by   51
2 months ago
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