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Developing Your Character: Writing Tips for a Novice

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3 months ago
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When Writing a story for the first time a writer always has the main characters looks, attitude and plot already in their minds, however, sometimes the excitement of bringing your character to life overshadows the fact that you haven’t really mastered your story.

I have read a lot of Novice writers who focused so much on making their characters perfect that they made them to perfect and unreliable to the reader in every way.

Today I will be focusing on tips on how to perfectly deepen your character and develop them, are you ready? Then let us begin.

Conflict Molds Arcs

Putting your character through something chaotic is one way to truly develop your character. In reality most of us go through traumatic moments that chance the way we see life and how we behave, the same goes to your character. Having your character go through something traumatic or challenging then coming out of it stronger makes the reader internally route for their success and also connect with the character.


A character Needs to have Motivation and A Goal.

When it comes to motivation and Goals I don’t mean that the character should have a place and a reason why she does the thing she/he/they does, rather it’s all about belief in a way. Why is the character doing what she/he / is doing and what do they plan to achieve?

This makes the character have value in the story and not just doing things because she is the main character.

Emotional Change is Good.

I am a strong believer in hurting your character. How you hurt you character is specifically up to you, however, you must make it as realistic as possible. It shouldn’t be “I lost my teddy bear in the car when I was 4 and am scared for life” It should be life altering, brutal and if possible horrifying. We are trying to get the reader to feel bad for the character and love them. Feeling sorry for the character makes you route for them to overcome their pain.

Talk to the character, They Might surprise you.

When I get a writer’s block and don’t know how to express what the character wants and can’t seem to understand what’s happening g and how I would carry the plot forward I do One simple thing, an Interview.

I go into my imagination and create an almost quiet space where I it’s just me and my character talking, me asking questions, them answering it. It makes me view the character as a real person hence even more unpredictable. Readers know what to expect but sometimes it is important to throw a curve ball at them, suspense drives the Plot and hooks the reader because they want to find out what’s next.


Dialogue is a Writers Best Friend.

I know by now the readers who have been blowing through this with me now are thinking man she really does love dialogue, so yes I do. But I also am a firm believer that dialogue makes a story better.

Just by giving the freedom and access to your character to express themselves in their own words takes away from the fantasy that the plot has created and shows the character as human, they have emotions, they have a moral compass or don’t depending on the Character you have chosen.


The Inner Battles Sells.

Okay let me explain this, I know some of you read the heading of this and asked What does she mean?

Well it’s simple Take for example in Romance novels when the Main character is Torn between two Men, one a wealthy man who has been there for her and is good, and the other her old Love interest who she still has feelings for and is her Boss.

Just that prompt itself makes you feel like wow so who will she choose. And That’s what I mean by this point, making your character go through internal conflicts captivates the reader. Just the mere curiosity of who will she pick drives the plot forward and keeps the story fresh and interesting.


Turning Points and Reversals are a Plots Best Friend.

We all love it when the character we were routing for finally comes out of their shell and have an epic boss moment. We also like it when we find out the path that the character had chosen and we as well supported turned out to be a wrong and painful one.

These types of twists and turns add a sort of life and suspense to the books, it drives the story forward and creates a memorable reading experience to the reader without going out of context or seeming like the story is trying too hard to achieve glory.

That's All the Tips I have! It's important to know that when it comes to writing ever detail counts, Books are a way of escaping our life daily life and run away to a world where we see ourselves in, where we believe in a character that we route for and love.

Be it Fantasy, Romance Science-Fiction Mystery Horror etc. stories should bring forth a feeling of familiarity and longing and what better way to do that then through a really good Main Character.


I'm a writer who will be sharing lots (And I mean Lots of writing tips on here so if you liked this article please subscribe, I'll be writing a lot of these types of articles.

I also enjoy reading so if you have a story or an article please share the link on the comment section and I will absolutely read it. Until next time!

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Written by   51
3 months ago
Topics: Free write, Diary, Food, Diet, Creativity, ...
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I felt like I have written a fiction already by following this guidelines :D If I have the chance, I will apply these tips.

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3 months ago

Whoa! I wanna start writting soon too, I mean fictions. Your article gives me some ideas and seem to have fueled my mind.

This is helpful for those who's just beginning to write and amatuer authors, like me 😙.

Surely that I'll be more detailed and plan well my very first creation.

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3 months ago

Gladly I could help

$ 0.00
3 months ago