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My Crypto Earnings This Month (June Passive Income)

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1 year ago

My goal since I have began investing is to eventually make enough passive income to be able to retire early and live the life I've always dreamt of.  I have been keeping track of my monthly earnings for quite awhile, because if you don't it is harder to see your own progress and stay motivated.  But I also felt it could be a fun idea to share the information here as well, for those people who share the same goal, while at the same time helping to motivate me to do even better in the future.

The passive income earnings will consist of all earnings from outside of my regular job. Be it PublishOx, Crypto lending, Staking, , or anything else.  In the future I hope to add YouTube/LBRY incomes, but at the time I'm earning practically nothing from those sources.

So without further ado, let's dig into this.


If you don't know, I'm American but I'm currently living overseas in Asia.  With that in mind I was watching the Corona Virus much closer and earlier than most people back in the USA, and also taking it much more serious.  I knew it was going to become a world-wide issue, and sold off all of my stocks in February and currently still own none.

Sure the prices have rebounded to the point they were  before the pandemic. but I still have no trust in this market and truly the believe this markets bubble will soon burst.

PublishOx & Other Blogging

June was the first full month that I consistently posted on this website, and I truly enjoyed it. I've grown to really enjoy the community here.  I have been really happy with how this has been going so far.  Already reaching over 240 subscribers, and for the month making $29.65.  All of which I kept in crypto but exchanged it for a coin of my choosing.

Total - $29.65

Crypto Lending

It may be controversial, but I did decide to continue using BlockFi as I mentioned in one of the posts that I wrote.  For me it has been going very well, but I definitely limit my risk my putting only a certain percentage of my portfolio with them. Only I have cut in half what I was previously lending with them. During the month of June I only lent out three different coins with them; Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC.

Bitcoin Earnings - 0.0054 BTC  =  $49.83

Ethereum Earnings - 0.0185 ETH  = $4.25

USDC Earnings - 8.32 USDC   = $8.32

Total - $62.40

Recently I have ventured out to a few other blog websites, such as Hive, and a few others.  But I am still building an audience there and haven't made much yet.  But I hope for this to be an avenue of growth in the future.


Before June I had been staking a lot of Tezos on Binance, but with the upcoming launch of Cardano's Shelley and Ethereum 2.0 I felt there was much better potential for these two coins.  Because of that I converted all of my Tezos into those coins.

So at the moment I am not staking any other coins, but once Cardano's Shelly officially launches at the end of this month I will be staking all of those coins.  So while the earnings for staking this month is $0, in the months to come I expect this to grow quite a lot.

I'm also looking to invest into several DeFi coin options that also offer staking, so this could change drastically in the future.

Total - $0.00

Current Coins of Focus

At the current moment my focus has mainly been on bitcoin, ethereum and Cardano.  I think these coins have extremely great potential for the rest of the year and also the future.  I'm highly interested in DeFi, but I'm still researching and learning more before I decide where to invest.


This is definitely not the highest amount in the world, but I think it is a great start. The hardest part about investing is actually getting started. Once you have things going for a while, and a nice sum of money invested, it becomes much easier and faster to grow your money.


So what are you doing to invest and earn some passive income?

As always, thank you for reading!

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Written by   241
1 year ago
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thanks for the article. Can you start a series on lending platforms like Nexo, Celsius, BlockFi?

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1 year ago

Passive Crypto Income is first prize! All the best on your journey!

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1 year ago