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My Life My Ambition#1

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1 month ago
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Good Day Everyone!

I am a woman with a dream in life and my dream is to be able to finish my studies and get a good job one day.

I will start my story with I am a Eldest child of my mother with 3 if siblings and I am a Student studying and I am a Grade 12 Student in Public school. My mother's job is a laundress and housekeeper, my mother is the only one who supports me and my siblings, when we were young we realized the hardships of life because we no longer had a father which supports us all.

Sometimes when I'm not at work I help my mother to wash the clothes that are being washed for her and I also clean with her so that she doesn't have a hard time, when I help my mother I first prepare my dishes and dishes. brothers and sisters before I left and when they were hungry they wouldn't cook because they couldn't because my brothers and sisters were still small.

In the morning, my mother and I leave to go to her laundry and clean the house. My mother doesn't have a permanent job because she only calls her if she has something to do with her so she can clean the house or yard. So I will help him when I am not in school. When we arrived we split the work he did the laundry and I cleaned the whole house arranged the bed sheets and replaced them with new and clean, then I sweep the stairs and I also mop the floor, I put it of Floor wax for a clean look because it glows on the floor. And after I clean, I go to my mother if she still has a lot of laundry and I also help her so that she can finish washing quickly.

It's 12 noon. We'll go home first and eat lunch and we'll also come back at one o'clock in the afternoon after lunch. When we get home I call my siblings and we will eat our dinner so we can all be together at the dinner table. We only have simple food every day, we are happy and we are not looking for good food or a dish that is important together, even if it is simple. And before my mother and I left, I put my brother to bed every afternoon and didn't let them go because the weather was hot and there was still a pandemic today.

We should go back to work early in the afternoon so that we won't be caught up in the evening when we come home, when we arrive I immediately help my mother in washing the clothes that she washed in the colorful clothes and I in the white clothes so they can't be dyed. And we help the bed sheets to be washed ya we both squeeze the bed sheet because it is heavy and wide. After we rinsed, we hung it in the wide yard of their house because it also has a long and wide hanger.

After we hung up the laundry, my mother and I rested first because later we would be scaffolding the clothes that my mother washed the other day. We can also finish it quickly because we both do it so it's not too difficult so it's easy because we're used to this work. At three o'clock in the afternoon my mother would send me home to see my siblings, maybe they were awake and maybe they were hungry, so my mother gave me money to buy them snacks to give them.

When I get home I take care of my siblings, I bathe them and feed them, then I also eat so that when my mother comes I will just cook our dish for our dinner tonight. So that's what I do when I'm not working, I help my mother somehow so that it's not too heavy on her and so that she doesn't get too hard and tired because we still want our mother to live long. So that we can give back all his hardships that my brothers and sisters did for us even though he was the only one who supported us so we love him very much.

Even though I am a woman, I also know things like driving a car and a tricycle. Sometimes my aunt calls me to drive their car because I also have a driver's license so I can drive a car. My aunt has a business and their business is they sell Sand and stone and they also have hollow blocks for sale. So sometimes my aunt called me because I was the one who drove the car loaded with stones that was delivered to the person who ordered it.

They also have workers who load costumer purchases and I drive it. Once a day we arrive in the afternoon starting at 8 am because sometimes we are far away to deliver our loads. And when we arrived there, they unloaded our load. My comrades didn't have much difficulty because they changed when their companion was a little tired, so they would replace him with someone with him so that they wouldn't be too tired and make each other difficult.

Sometimes when my aunt goes somewhere when they have something to buy, they can't order the things they sell in their business. I learned to drive because I always go with my uncle when they go somewhere or deliver their loads. While he was driving, I looked at how to use his clutches properly and I remembered all this so he told me that he would teach me so that one day I would be able to drive his car when he was older. So now I know how to drive because then he was driving with me but now he is driving with me.

But sometimes we also have a hard time because of the current Pandemic that is happening all over the world so it's not like before that you can do everything you want to go to the places you want to go but now it's not because of this pandemic. So now they are just at home because it is forbidden to go out and roam, so it is strict if my siblings are monitored whenever my mother has a job so I take care of them and fed and bathed and put my brothers to bed every afternoon.

But when my mother does a lot of laundry, I leave my siblings with my aunt who drives them, picking them up every time I come home from work and take a shower. Now I always help my mother because there is no school today because there is a pandemic today because what I am taking is a Module that is difficult because I will choose Digital because I will not use Cellphone to research it. So it’s okay that the Module at least helps my mom with her work.

I want to be able to finish my studies so that I can help my mother with all the expenses in our house and so that we can also save for the construction of our house. The course I want to take in the collage is Criminology. Because that's what my mother and my uncle want, so they also want to be a Police one day. And my uncle also promised that he would support me in my studies even though I already had a scholarship when I went to collage and so that my mother would not have difficulty in my studies.

I wanted to be a Police when I was young because my uncle has been my idol since I was young. so when I was young he asked me if one day I wanted to be a policeman when I grew up. So now I am studying hard so that I can achieve what my uncle and my mother want me to be a police officer one day. And by the time I became a policeman I promised myself that my mother would not have to work hard for us because I would do it for her and for my siblings and they would be educated too.

Thank you so much for reading my story. God Bless you all.

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Written by   4
1 month ago
Topics: Life, Story, Experiences, Blog
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Wow! You're just on grade 12 and you can drive, do a lot of stuffs.. You are such a blessing to your mother. Keep it up!

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1 month ago