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Bitcoin Cash Will Do The Thing For Tesla Technoking, Says Kim Dotcom.

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1 year ago

In his recent tweet the German Entrepreneur explains how BCH is the thing the Technoking of Tesla is looking for today with a viable green strategy and a quickly expanding vendor network.

During the recent crash of Bitcoin. The bitcoin price has lost more than 20% over the last seven days, dragging down the wider crypto market and Bitcoin maximalist Blamed Elon Musk and burst onto him for manipulating the crypto market and committing a serious crime.

Elon Musk has tweeted to “clarify speculation” after his posts sent the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies plunging.

The Tesla chief executive had sent a tweet that some had read as suggesting that it had sold its vast bitcoin holdings.

“To clarify speculation, Tesla has not sold any Bitcoin,” he wrote in reply to one person who pointed to the considerable impact his posts had on the price.

Just Like Kim Dotcom who is suggesting Tesla to use Bitcoin Cash for their future trading On April 20, a video stemming from the Youtube channel called “” has the Bitcoin Cash community talking. The host of the channel sitting in a Tesla dealership parking lot explains in his recent video that if Elon Musk gets Tesla to accept bitcoin cash directly for cars, he plans to commit to purchasing 111 Tesla Model 3s.

“It’s my suggestion,” the Youtuber notes. “Not just me, but many other bitcoin cash holders have a lot of money… we want to spend it. Let me just make a commitment, Elon… If you are going to accept bitcoin cash as payment, my phone to your phone, or to Tesla’s phone… Then I hereby am officially committing to buy 111 Tesla Model 3s. Yes, you heard me right, 111 Tesla Model 3s.”


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1 year ago
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