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The most embarrassing thing that has to be proved in court is rape

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3 weeks ago

No woman ever expected to be raped. The most embarrassing incident in a woman's life is rape. The most scandalous chapter in a woman's life is being raped. Rapists are poison in the eyes of society. They are a disgrace to society. Rapists cannot face shame in society. But the people of the society never think that what is the fault of women here? Blame all rapists. But the reality is very helpless, those rapists are the ones who wander around the society. None of them can say anything.

And very few women want justice after being raped. Many do not judge for fear of life or shame. But do those who judge get real justice? The most disgusting and shameful thing is that a rapist has to prove in court that he is indeed a rapist. However, everyone in the society can easily say again that the woman is a rapist.

Thus, if a woman is raped, her shame does not end. Then she has to prove that she was raped to get justice again. Those who can prove it may get justice. Others were raped on the one hand and did not get justice on the other. But the most ridiculous and disgusting thing is that there is a lawyer for the rapist. It goes without saying that there is no humanity. And the amount is increasing day by day. Finally, I would like to say one thing. The most shameful thing is that in this country, rape also has to prove in court that she is also a victim of rape.

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